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Readers Respond: What Are Your Family's Snow Day Superstitions?

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Kids love snow days. Parents have more mixed feeling. Though judging from these reader submissions of snow day fun, I suspect many adults like snow days too.

But not as much as kids! Kids will actually try to make with any number of snow day superstitions. Our family's favorite snow day superstition is spoons under the bed. What about? Do your kids have a secret method to make snow days happen?


I teach first grade in Tennessee. Our long standing tradition is to wear PJs inside out and backwards and put a spoon under our pillow. We have also heard about flushing ice cubes down the toilet! This year has been our best yet!
—Guest Kid City

Spoons Under the Bed

When I'm short on spoons I go looking under the beds because my kids' snow day superstition involves borrowing my spoons. They firmly believe that sleeping with a spoon under the bed increases the chances of a snowday. But of course they never remember to put the spoons away!
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