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Online Data Entry

Online data entry is a good way for some people to start working at home. The pay isn't great, but it can bring in some cash quickly and sharpen your skills. Keep in mind, though, the industry if rife with scams and bad opportunities. So be careful! Click on the links to read all about working from home in data entry.

What You Need to Know

Get a Job!

Easier said than done, especially when you want to work at home. But whether you hope to moonlight for some extra cash or make a career change, these resources can help get you started working from home.  

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Making the Most of the Rest of the School Year

Wednesday April 23, 2014

nullSpring break is over (at least for us), and work-at-home moms may be anxious to get back to work, but kids, on the other hand, aren't.

Whenever there's an extended school holiday, like Christmas or winter break, it takes some adjusting to get everyone back into the school routine. But after spring break, it is even more difficult to get muster enthusiasm for school.

Spring fever is even more contagious than all those colds and coughs the kids were catching all winter! But there are still around two to three months left, so don't let the kids slide into summer.

Go back to school after spring break as if it were "back-to-school" time. Look at it as another fresh start. The last months of school are often filled with fun events like field trips or field day, so talk them up can get kids excited for school.

Get your school morning routine back on track. Have the kids clean out their backpacks and buy them new school supplies if needed. Be sure the school clothes still fit. (I know it's annoying to buy new clothes now when they may not fit again in September but not as annoying as it is for kids to wear shoes that are too small!)

In our household, the TV and electronics rules pretty much went out the window during spring break, and the kids were getting way too much screen time. Even before break, homework procrastination was rampant, and no one was making their own lunch anymore.

So, yesterday day the kids came home to a rules refresher that puts the brakes on screen time and discourages excess procrastination (I hope).  Because it was such a beautiful spring day, we took a walk in the park before homework in a little Mom-sanctioned procrastination.  And, well, it was pretty tough for them to muster up many complaints about the new routine in the warm spring sunshine.

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4 Freelance Careers for Moms

Friday April 18, 2014

woman working on laptop at homeSo you've got an entrepreneurial spirit, and you're thinking you can forgo the grind of the 9-to-5 office life (possibly along with its perks of medical benefits and a regular pay check) to work for yourself and spend more time with the kids. And perhaps you're not quite ready to invest your life savings in a home business venture. What are some careers where you can use the experience and expertise to build a career freelancing freelance from home?

These four WAH occupations can be traditional employment, but when done from home they tend to done by typically independent contractors or freelancers.

Laureen Miles Brunelli

10 Major Companies That Take Telecommuting Seriously

Thursday April 17, 2014

Work at Home

Search the Internet for telecommuting companies, and you'll get lots of results. But few of those results really shed much light on what makes a telecommuting company. So I wanted to make a list that would.

It wasn't easy because companies don't always like to advertise their telecommuting policies. Perhaps, this is to avoid a flood of resumes, or maybe it's because telecommuting is allowed in some positions and not others or maybe companies are supportive of jobs but not hiring. (Appearing on the list does not mean that these companies are necessarily hiring at this time. The list has links to the companies' jobs databases; carefully search them to find positions that match your skills before contacting a company.)

I already have a list of more than 200 companies with work-at-home opportunities, but many of the companies on this list only have jobs in specific divisions. However, the major corporations I highlight are more than just "telecommute friendly." They have a proven track record of using a remote workforce across multiple divisions within the company.

See who is on my list of telecommuting companies.


Planning for Summer Vacation

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Summer Fun - Sidewalk Chalk

Summer vacation lasts only three months or less, but  parents can spend more than that amount of time planning for their kids' summer vacation.

Setting up summer child care  is always tricky because you are likely planning around a schedule that is full of vacation dates and deadlines--all while hoping to add some summer fun into your kids' days. For work-at-home moms, you'll need a full repertoire of everyday summer activities too.

More on Planning for Summer:



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