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Review of Arise Virtual Solutions

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By Chanellrena

Work-at-Home Call Center Companies

Name of Home Call Center Company 

Arise Virtual Solutions

How long have you worked there? 

1-6 months

Did you have call center experience when hired? 


Was your training paid? 

No, but I didn't pay for it

Were there intial fees (background check, training)? 


How many hours a week do you work? 

More than 30 hours

How much do you make per hour? 

Between $8.50-$16.00 plus commissions

My Review 

I am a small business owner, who contracts with Arise Virtual Solutions to provide call center support to various companies many of them Fortune 500. I can't name names but they include a roadside assistant/travel company, the happiest place on earth, wireless service providers etc. Arise offers a unique opportunity for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to create their own schedules and set their own goals from the comfort of your own home. Not to mention the tax benefits of becoming an Independent Contractor or Home- based business owner. The initial hiring process is a little long and complicated but the support team is very strong. I ended up paying $10 for my background check and the initial training was free for me because I got in during a time when they are in dire need of contractors. I paid $200 to get incorporated in the state of Florida and $50 in annual fees, I believe it is over $300 here in Tennessee to get incorporated, plus $300 in annual fees, however you can join an already existing corporation to avoid the fee. I love working for Arise! I was a flight attendant for five years and thought I could never find a career that afforded me the same flexibility and Arise came to the rescue. If you have always wanted to start your own business, are not afraid of a little hard work and want the comfort of working from home check out Arise Virtual Solutions. If you are not in a place financially to start your own business join an existing VSC, like mine. The reward far exceeds the initial work. I hope you find this information helpful!

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Laureen Miles Brunelli, About.com Work-at-Home Moms, says:

Thanks for your review. But I'll have to say that being an independent contractor is not always beneficial for your taxes. Self-employment tax and quarterly estimated taxes are headaches for the independent contractor that the employee does not have to deal with. See more on independent contractor taxes.

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