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Family Spring Break Activities

For a family, spring break means planning fun for all (parents included).


The right family spring break activities can be the difference between a week that's a blast or a bust for your family. Spring break looks a little different for every family depending on dates, kids' ages and work schedules. With two work-at-home parents in our family, spring break is a team effort. We plan activities for the whole family, for just one parent and the kids and for the kids to do alone.

And that's a lot of things to do! But when I’m in need of fun for kids, I turn to my fellow About.com Guides. Here are just a few of the family spring break ideas you’ll find on About.com.

Family Spring Break Trip

Family on Beach, Majorca, Spain
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About.com Travel With Kids
In my book a family spring break trip is the ideal. Yet, it’s pretty rare for our family. With three months of 24/7 family time in summer on the horizon, I prefer to save up for more than one summer vacation rather than go in the spring. But I still like to fantasize about getting away for a family spring break vacation.  Teresa Plowright, Travel With Kids Guide, has great resources for armchair as well as actual travelers.

Spring Family Events

Family Spring Break Travel to Washington DC - Cherry Blossoms
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About.com Washington DC
Though we rarely take an overnight spring break trip, we do try to get out of town and visit nearby Washington, DC, during spring break. Rachel Cooper, Washington DC Guide, has some great ideas for spring fun in DC like the White House Easter Egg Roll and, of course, the cherry blossoms. But every city has spring events for families, so for all who don't live near DC, browse the goings-on in your city.

Independent Play Ideas

Family Spring Break Art Ideas
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About.com Work at Home Moms
If you’re not taking the week off for your family spring break (and even if you are), the kids have to know how to entertain themselves. Of course, how much they can keep themselves busy varies with age and personality but these independent activities are a good start.

Family Spring Break Science

Science Fun - Family Spring Break
SXC ©straymuse

About.com Chemistry
Anne Marie Helmenstine, Chemistry Guide, has convinced me of something that my 11th grade chemistry teacher never could—that chemistry is fun.  Her ideas for making slime and invisible ink definitely are going to take some parental oversight but you end up with a product that gives hours of entertainment.

More Science Fun

Arts and Crafts Spring Break Fun

Spring Crafts - Family Spring Break
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About.com Family Crafts
Get crafty with the help of Sherri Osborn, Family Crafts Guide. Her projects are for all ages and require different levels of adult supervision.

Spring Cleaning for the Whole Family

Spring Cleaning - Family Spring Break
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About.com Housekeeping
Spring break is a great time to get started on the spring cleaning. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Little kids need supervision and, well, so do big kids. Housekeeping Guide Sarah Aguirre has some great tips for getting the whole family involved in spring cleaning.

More Spring Break Ideas That Celebrate the Season

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Stay-at-Home Moms
After being cooped up indoors during winter, Stay-at-Home Moms Guide Apryl Duncan knows that families want to get out and celebrate spring. She lists 12 simple ways to enjoy a family spring break.

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