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Work-at-Home Insurance Jobs

These work-at-home insurance jobs range from attorneys to claims specialists.


The insurance industry is particularly telecommute friendly. For jobs ranging from underwriters and appraisers to nurse case managers and insurance agents, many insurance companies will directly hire for work at home jobs. Plus many companies have flexible options that include telecommuting for existing employees in other types of positions.  


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Types of work at home insurance jobs: nurses, physicians, marketing, sales and network managers
This major insurance company hires nurses, physicians and managers to work from home. While some positions are specifically designed for telework, in others telework opportunities will be considered. Search jobs database with keyword "telework."

American International Group (AIG)

Types of work at home insurance jobs: nurses
Major insurance company allows part-time telecommuting, after a certain period of time working in-house, for some nursing positions such as case managers and medical reviewers. Use keywords "telecommuting" or "work from home" in database. See more work-at-home nursing jobs.


Types of work at home insurance jobs: auditors, nursing
Though mostly a virtual call center, this BPO hires also has telecommuting jobs for insurance auditors--phone auditors and physical auditors. Both types of auditors conduct premium audits for general liability and workman’s compensation, but the physical audits, though they complete most of audit by phone, include a final physical walk-through. Additionally, it has home-based positions for LPNs and RNs doing telehealth work. See more work-at-home jobs for LPNs.


Types of work at home insurance jobs: nurses (RN), providers relations analysts, contract managers, claims coordinators
Cigna hires several types of work at home insurance jobs including registered nurses to work-at-home as disability and workers comp clinical case managers. Try "work from home" and "work at home" as keywords to search Cigna's job openings.


Types of work at home insurance jobs: auditors
Insurance services provider hires premium auditors, as independent contractors, for work at home positions. However, these insurance jobs require local travel.

The Hartford

Types of work at home insurance jobs: nurses, adjusters, sales people, attorneys and claims consultants
Use the keyword "remote" to search the company's job listings.


Types of work at home insurance jobs: nurses
New York-based health insurance company hires nurses as case managers to work from home.

Health Net

Types of work at home insurance jobs: nurses
Heath insurance company operating in 27 states hires nurses case managers and care coordinators with the option to telecommute. Use "telecommuting" as a search keyword of company's job database.


Types of work at home insurance jobs: nurses (RN), medical coders, chart auditors, licensed insurance reps, accountants, physicians, writers and sales
Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Fortune 500 health insurance company Humana Inc. hires for several types of telecommuting positions. Choose "Work at Home" in the drop down menu in the company's job database for location. See more medical coding jobs.


Types of work at home insurance jobs: underwriting, sales, marketing
Insurance and financial services company offers work at home positions in underwriting as well as home-based sales and marketing positions in both its insurance and investment management divisions.

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