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A Work-at-Home Company Profile



Online retailer

Company Description:

Based in Seattle, WA, this giant of the e-commerce business operates sites in the United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and United Kingdom, employing more than 30,000 people. However, it's work-at-home operations, though they have expanded in recent years, are still relatively small and focused on customer service.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions:

Amazon recruits virtual call center agents, call center managers and human resource professionals to work at home. Virtual call center agents are employees (not independent contractors) and may work full or part time for an hourly wage. Amazon hires both permanent and temporary seasonal work-at-home employees. See more companies with holiday WAH jobs.

Employee Benefits:
Full-time employees receive six days of paid time off. For those who work 30 hours per week week or more, the PTO days are prorated based on the number of hours.) Managers and HR professionals are usually salaried employees but may be hourly depending on the position.

Other jobs at the company within different departments may allow telecommuting but are not necessarily recruited as virtual jobs, like the customer service jobs. Additionally, Amazon owns Mechanical Turk, a service that allows people to earn money from home doing small virtual jobs. However, Mechanical Turk is a not an employment (but rather independent contracting) and not covered in this profile. For more companies like Mechanical Turk, see this list of micro jobs.


All of these work-from-home call center jobs require residency in one of a specific list of states. Some may require on-site training at a specific location as well. See list of states below.

  • Customer Service Representatives
    Home call center agents for Amazon.com generally need at least one year of experience working in customer service, but more is preferred. Likewise, a high school diploma is required, but some college is preferred. Applicants need familiarity with online shopping and research, excellent computer skills and an understanding of Microsoft Office, email and chat technologies. Prior experience working independently in a virtual environment is preferred for all work-at-home positions. A high-speed Internet connection and a dedicated phone line are among the home office requirements. See more on typical home call center office requirements. Part-time employees (minimum of 20 hours/week) will need to be available up to 40 hours during November and December.
  • Call Center Managers
    Call center management applicants should have a bachelor's degree (but MBA preferred) and at least two years of experience managing people as well as some project management experience. They will also need direct experience in customer service in a call center, retail or hospitality environment. The job requires 15% travel.
  • Human Resources Professionals (Recruiters and HR Managers)
    Depending on the job's level, HR positions could require anywhere from two to eight years of experience in HR. A bachelor's degree in human resources is required but a master's is preferred. Experience in web-based hiring and assessment is a must.

Applying to Amazon:

To find work at home positions, use "work from home" as a keyword in the Amazon jobs website. Click "Apply for this Job" at the bottom of the job posting and create a "career profile."

Call center applicants will need to successfully complete a pre-employment assessment and criminal background check and be able to participate in on-site paid training. In the fall Amazon recruits more heavily for customer service jobs, some of which may be temporary. Call center agent jobs in the database will be linked to a specific location, while the management and HR jobs only require residency in the states listed.

Amazon Jobs Website

Pay and Benefits:

Though the hourly pay may vary somewhat for call center agents from state to state, in Washington the rate is around $12/hour with performance-based quarterly bonuses. Benefits for full-timers include "stock, time off, an employee discount, and dedicated resources to support your ongoing growth and development." Hours may vary and both full- and part-time agents may be required to work shifts that include days, afternoons, evenings, weekends, and occasionally overtime.

For the salaried positions, pay is based upon experience.

Geographic Restrictions:

To be considered for these positions, applicants to the work at home call center jobs and the HR positions must live in Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington State or West Virginia.

Your state not listed? Find a Call Center Job in Your State or a Call Center Job in Canada. For more profiles like this, see these work-at-home call center company profiles.

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