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Reviews of Convergys


In the call center business, Convergys, the Cincinnati-based company with 70,000 employees is known as a BPO. It services clients by outsourcing their call center needs to its virtual and brick-and-mortar agents across the globe. It has 85 facilities across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, and a large number of work at home positions in those three countries.

Congvergys hires its agents as employees and offers benefits, such as medical plans, life insurance, and paid time off. However, to find out what it's actually like to work there, read the reviews below.

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Advice From Fired Agent: Keep Your Own Records

1 star

Only 10 percent of this agent's training class is still employed with Convergys.

Convergys Treats You Like a Child

1 star

No room to grow and endless promises are part of the problem at Convergys.

Reader Calls Convergys a "Joke"

1 star

Poor training and low pay are some of the issues from this reviewer.

Reader: More Selling Than Anticipated at Convergys

2 stars

Reader recommends Convergys only if you like selling and can sit for long periods without a break

Convergys: Not Very Accommodating

1 star

Reviewer found management inflexible when it comes to scheduling and time off.

Reviewer Faults Management Isues at Convergys

2 stars

Reviewer faults poor training and unprofessional managers.

Reviewer: Convergys Promotes From Within

4 stars

Former agent of brick-and-mortar Convergys location moved to work-at-home position.

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