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Reviews of 1-800-FLOWERS Work From Home


To those in the call center business, 1-800-FLOWERS is known for more than just floral arrangements but for offering work from home jobs in addition to its brick-and-mortar ones. 1-800-FLOWERS' work from home jobs include temporary, seasonal positions as well as a few permanent jobs. (See more WAH holiday seasonal jobs.)

And while many of its workers  appreciate the opportunity to work from home, it’s good to know how it stacks up against other virtual call center companies in terms of pay, hours, training, etc. In essence, what is it like to work for the giant online floral company? Find out from those who have given it a try.

While most of the reviewers were happy with 1-800-FLOWERS, there were some complaints about training and hours. The reviewers fairly consistently reported the pay to be about $9 per hour.


Average Review of 1800FLOWERS Work-at-Home Jobs: 3.25 stars (Out of 5)

Good Trainers But Problem Software

1 Star

Software was a drain on agents computer and the it was infected with spyware.

Ex-employee Says There's No Loyalty at 1-800-Flowers

1 Star

Reader says job was outsourced overseas after 4 years working at 1-800-FLOWERS.

Good Company, Bad Pay

4 Stars

Seasonal worker for four seasons felt skills needed to provide good customer service were not compensated enough.

Hours Vary by Season But Agent Happy With 1800Flowers

5 stars
Working a variety of seasons--Christmas, Mother's Day and summer--this reviewer writes a very detailed and positive review of 1-800-FLOWERS.

Riding the Wave of the Future at 1-800-FLOWERS

5 stars

Reviewer started as a seasonal worker in 2009 but has converted to permanent work. The pay might be better at a brick-and-mortar call center but with the cost of gas, virtual is the future of call centers, says reader.

Easy to Learn System at 1-800-Flowers

4 Stars

This reader worked the Mother’s Day holiday and lived to give 1800FLOWERS a good review. The work is fast-paced, but the staff is supportive.

Would Not Recommend 1-800-Flowers.com

2 Stars

During the busy Christmas season, this reader found 1800FLOWERS scheduling to be chaotic, making it difficult to plan her own holiday. The reader would not work there again.

All Pros, No Cons So Far for 1-800-FLOWERS

4 Stars

Reviewer just loves working at home and this 1800FLOWERS job fits the reader’s lifestyle.

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