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Home Call Center Jobs in Massachusetts

Want to find a home-based call center job in MA? Look here!


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While it seems like a work at home call center job could be done from anywhere in the U.S., unfortunately that is not necessarily the case. Very few home call center companies hire in all 50 states. Some states have a lot while, others (like Alaska and Hawaii) have very few call center companies. This list is by no means definitive, but these virtual call center companies hire for work at home positions in Massachusetts:
  • Alpine Access
    Position type: Employee
    Costs: $45 background check; possible equipment costs; more on home offices for call center jobs.
    Duration, hours: Requires a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week with up to full-time available
    Home-based agents take in-bound customer service and sales calls for various clients. Reps are paid an hourly rate of around $9 and training is paid. Only after a position is offered, applicants pay $45 for a background check. Hiring process for these call center jobs is online and by phone. It includes a pre-interview screening with a technical skills test, voice audition and phone interview. Bilingual skills a plus; languages include Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese. More Bilingual Call Center Jobs

  • Apple At-Home Advisors
    Position type: Employee
    Costs: Possible equipment costs; though Apple provides a computer and phone.
    Apple At-Home is a work-at-home call center program from Apple that hires both college students and non-students for full- and part-time positions. It is part of the company's AppleCare support department. Use the keyword "home" in the company’s job database. Recruits from Springfield.

  • LiveOps
    Position type: Independent contractor
    Costs: $50 (or sometimes more) for background check; possible equipment costs; home offices for call center jobs.
    Company hires agents, including licensed insurance agents, for a variety of call center jobs for its clients including outbound sales, bilingual customer service (Spanish and French) and financial services. Agents are paid at a rate that is based on minutes of talk time plus sales incentives in some cases. Agents must become "certified" to work for individual clients. This certification is not paid.

  • NEW Corp
    Position type: Employee
    Costs: No fee; possible equipment costs; home offices for call center jobs.
    Duration, hours: 20-40 hour/week, weekend and evenings required
    Geographic restrictions: New hires who live within 50 miles of a brick-and-mortar training site must train there; others can train virtually.
    Extended warranty company pays home-based customer care reps $9-10 per hour to take in-bound calls. It hires both work-at-home and office-based call center agents to troubleshoot and provide customer service for its clients. The company's clients include Best Buy, Lowe's DirecTV, Walmart, GameStop, AT&T and Gateway. Hires agents bilingual in Spanish/English also. More Bilingual Call Center Jobs

  • VIPdesk
    Costs: Possible equipment costs; home offices for call center jobs.
    Duration, hours: Offers full- and part-time hours but agents must commit to certain availabilities.
    Specializes in delivering concierge and virtual call center services for the "high-value customers" of its corporate clients. Its home-based agents handle customer requests via phone, e-mail, and chat and research and fulfill requests from customers in the United States and abroad. Fluency in English is required. Fluency in French, German, Spanish or Italian is a plus.

There may be more companies on this list of call center companies that hire agents from Massachusetts. Know of another home call center company operating in Massachusetts? Email me at workathomemoms@aboutguide.com. Or if you've worked at any of these or another home call center company, write a review.

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