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Laureen Miles Brunelli

Building Your Resources for Finding a Work-at-Home Job

By September 12, 2013

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nullFinding a job takes time. That's just an unfortunate fact of life. And when you narrow your search to work-at-home jobs, that very likely expands the amount of time it takes.

Think of it in terms of ever-narrowing circles--the largest circle being all employers. Then narrow that to employers that allow telecommuting > employers that hire telecommuters directly (rather than only allowing it for existing employees) > employers with current openings that hire telecommuters directly > employers with current openings in the field in which you have experience that hire telecommuters directly.

And that's not even figuring in the geography of it because many companies  only want to hire telecommuters in specific locations--perhaps because of state wage laws or the need for occasional on-site meetings.

Now that may sound discouraging, but, in fact, narrowing your job search can make things easier on you. It would be silly to waste your time applying to every WAH regardless of your prospects at getting it. Right?

So the trick is to put together a list of resources that you can go back to time again to find job leads targeted toward your skills, location and interests. When you do find these resources, you'll want to bookmark them on your Internet browser or make a list of links in a document on your desktop.

Start by finding one or two good sources of local job postings in your area. This might be the newspaper or maybe Craigslist. But be wary of listings on Craigslist because these can often be work-at-home scams. (Read about how to recognize WAH scams.)

Then I have put together more resources.

Work-at-Home Jobs by Company - This one encompasses the widest circle of all my resources. It is more than 200 companies that hire telecommuters directly in all sorts of fields.

Daily WAH Job Leads - List of 11 sites with new postings for telecommuting jobs can be a daily go-to to point for seeing what's new. Also seek out sites in the industries you are targeting and, if possible, narrow them for work-at-home jobs using keywords such at "telecommuting" or "remote." See these keyword ideas.

Companies Sorted by Geography

Companies Sorted by Industry

Companies Sorted by Skills

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September 13, 2013 at 11:26 am
(1) Angel says:

Hey Laureen! I really enjoyed reading your article about building resources to help you work from home. I have a site called Work at Home Pursuit that is dedicated to finding legit work at home opportunities. I am a work at home mom and I’d love to be included in the list!

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