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Readers Respond: Have You Received a Late or Incorrect 1099 from a Client?

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From the article: 1099-MISC Tax Form
As an independent contractor who works off-site for a company, it can be really tough to get problems straightened out. So often your contact at the company knows little about the invoicing process beyond to whom to pass your invoices. When there's a problem with your 1099-MISC (it's late or it's wrong), you may have trouble getting it resolved. Have you ever had trouble getting your 1099? How did you resolve the situation?

1099 a year too late

What do you do when your client sends the 1099 a year too late? I did work for them in 2012. I claimed that income on my tax return--I had no way of knowing whether my client would have it together enough to send it, and I had to file early. Any advice? I've already contacted my former client to find out how they plan to fix this, but I'm not confident they'll respond. I've found them to be notoriously disorganized and non-responsive.
—Guest stacy

What a Pain

When my 1099 significantly understated my earnings, I kept asking my client about it starting in early March. She kept saying she was checking on it, but I don't think she actually started checking until April. I think they got the new one to me on April 12. It was especially annoying because I had to nag about something that was going to make me pay MORE taxes. But I didn't want to get audited.
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