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Readers Respond: What do you do for snow day fun?

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From the article: School Snow Day Activities
Though they can be stressful for parents, school snow days are special for kids. Kids love them, even dreaming up snow day superstitions to make them come more often. Snow days are the stuff of lasting childhood memories. Intentionally or not, families often develop snow day traditions, like sledding or playing board games or making hot chocolate. What are your family's snow day traditions?

Snow Day Traditions

in new jersy

when I lived I new jersey we got like 4 feet of snow so me and my brother used to make snow tunnels and grape juice snow cones
—Guest arielle

snow ball fight

me and my nephew played all day and hade fun he made a fort and some tunnels and thennhe asks me to play with him how could i say no so we had a snow ball fight and guess who won ....................my nephew
—Guest makennah moore

Snow day

We take the dogs off their leads and let them play. Then just relaxe and enjoy the snow from the warmth of my living room.
—Guest Sundown

Having Fun

My siblings and I go sledding, iceskating, and build forts. Then, we go inside and drink hot cocoa while playing board games.
—Guest Guest Jannete

sking ins fun for kids too!

Are you around the age 10-11 well you can make kid skies first, get to snow coasters then,tie ropes on them and around your boot on each foot last, you walk around in the snow!
—Guest happy

Canine Cafe

On snow days, I normally bake for my dogs. I have five, so I have to to be very good in the amount. I often take the dog bowls, fill them up wth dog food, pour warm soup on the food, mix it up, them cover the top with peanut butter spread on hard, dog bone treats!!! The dogs usually slurp them up in no time!!!!
—Guest Emma

Yellow snow

Omg me and my dad would go to the park with yellow food coloring and spill it then when some one would pass we picked it up and ate it ahhh good times good times. P.S. I'm a girl and it was pretty funny and I had a lot of brothers
—Guest Tori

Daddy and me

When I was about 6-12 dad would take me sledding in deep snow. In Oklahoma it snowed a lot it was around 7 inches of snow or more he would push me around in the snow. We even got to the top of a hill and rolled down it. Then after that if the street in ours or grandmas block were frozen with ice we would get on our stomachs and slide like penguins. Finally we would get to grandmas or our house make a snow house and forts and have a snow war. Mom and grandma would call us crazy and make us hot chocolate grandpa would be sitting there watching his black and white movies. I LOVED SNOW DAYS. Also it will bring your family together I regret being a teen and not doing those things with my family so drag your cranky teen and go do these things with your family may god bless you!!!!!!!!=)
—Guest Victoria

Getin warm

whenever my kids have snow days we always shovel out our fire pit. Then we make hot coco and smores and start a fire and tell family stories!
—Guest Liliy

snow days tradition hy6ui76

well we build a snow man and make snow angels and we get along together us and our family
—Guest Jaqueline

Snow slide

Once when I was little we got about 5 feet of snow so my dad and my friends dad looked up a snow slide in a book. Pretty much they piled snow on each side of a path down a hill and made it all curvy and things like that. After the path was as smooth as could be we sprinkled water on it to make it icy in the morning...ahhh...the memories...
—Guest Volleygirl

Building Snow Tunnels

My sister, my dad, and I just had a huge blizzard, and the snow was about 3 feet deep so we took all our shovels and dug tunnels through the whole entire frontyard and backyard. When we let our dogs out they were going through all the tunnels, curiously!!!!!!:)
—Guest Macey

Cat fun :)

On snowy days I become one with my cats. we play with yarn & i replicate their movements. for example, i paw the yarn back and forth and i hissssssssssss. then the dog gets mad so i give it a bone or two. then i eat soup :) theres some great advice for ya'll!
—Guest Julian Whit

World Of Warcraft

On snow day's, my family get together and we all play WoW..
—Guest Koos

Play board games, pop corn, bake cookies

I remember the snow days when my children were home from school. I loved those times! We made pop corn, baked cookies, played board games. Sometimes we had a 3 day blizzard; it was so much fun to have the kids and my husband home all day! One time the power was off so we had to put lots of clothes on to stay warm! It wasn't so much fun that time!
—Guest Wilma

Snow Day Traditions

What do you do for snow day fun?

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