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Readers Respond: What Are Your Family's Favorite Holiday Break Thing to Do?

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When school lets out for holiday break, sometimes we are so busy preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year's, it actually takes an effort to have a little fun. But kids know the holiday break is supposed to be fun. So let's share some ideas for holiday break things to do.

Holiday Break

Hey!! Do u know about India? Here the break time is Hot Summer.One and half month on break for kids. All us enjoy the mango season at our maternal house.That is most of the families travel to their home town.Specially the moms and children. They do shopping, travelling to nearby places, relaxing, visiting places of relatives,eating lotz of mangoes as its mango season. Its fun in India.:)
—Guest Bonny

Organize photos

Great list of things to do during break! We take some time as a family to organize the photo album. It's good fun to see how the kids have grown over the year. Also, thank you notes to family and friends for the presents--that usually takes a good afternoon between the writing and the drawing pictures ;-). Happy holidays!
—Guest Leah Lesser

Recovering from Christmas

This year, our family went on a family reunion cruise over Christmas and we got back on Dec. 26. So I'm spending this week putting everything away and getting ready for New Year's. We also have company visiting for two weeks beginning Dec. 30th, so I'm simultaneously preparing for that. It's a busy year this year!

always a hit

pj day around my house is always a winner during school break. No, pressure to go anywhere, and it is fun to relax with the kids. We usually make it a movie day with popcorn, and baking. It is just a nice to hang out and enjoy each other.
—Guest 2teeth4me


wat is ur fav things to do but my fave is going to las vegas with my family and enjoying the fun places we can go and wat we can do when we r at lasvegas and wat kind of clothes shoes or some more important items u needs and u can have fun eating diffrent kinds of food or go and but lights 4 the house and a christmas tree and some other imporatant things u need to do or play video games with your friends and something inportant to do and wat we have to do
—Guest john

Bake, Bake and Decorate

We make lots of cookies and candies, build and decorate gingerbread houses and since my daughter has become a teenager, she has taken over the decorating of the house. She's really good at it and is proud when people walk in the door and say how pretty the tree is or how nice the house looks.

It's a hard time!

Since we're Jewish we have absolutely nothing to do and on some days we can't even go anywhere. So we've learned to make our own fun. We have Wii bowling competitions, we made collages from old magazines one day, each day we do a 15 minute clean up/reorganization (Like you suggested.). At the end we celebrate with a movie. We also do finger puppet shows, make our own pizzas, throw a fabulous new year's party...

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