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Readers Respond: How to Keep a New Year Resolution

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Making a New Year resolution is infinitely easier than keeping one. Have you been successful at making and keeping a New Year resolution? If so enlighten the rest of us who struggle with the making and breaking of resolutions each year. What are your tips on how to keep a New Year resolution? What Are Your Tips?

My New Years resolution

It is to be a better person,mother, girlfriend/wife, get a ring and live a realistic life!!
—Guest BossLady

Get help with your New Year resolution

I always enlist a partner to help me keep my new year resolution. Sometimes it's my husband; sometimes it's my kids. The kids are especially good at telling me when I fall down on the job. Often I regret telling them about my new year resolution but it does help.
—Guest Willow

What Are Your Tips?

How to Keep a New Year Resolution

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