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Readers Respond: What are the best things about working from home?

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Working from home isn't for everybody, but most of us who do work out of our homes wouldn't have it any other way. When it comes to working from home, everyone does it a little bit differently and for different reasons. Tell others why you enjoy working from home.

No commute! No traffic! No Gas $$!

Besides the money and time saver, the flexibility for my family, the wear and tear on my car, no dry cleaning bills, the list goes on...
—Guest The Rich Woman

Love to work Easily without Stress

I Love to work at home because if we are unable to do work due to health problem ,there was a chance to take rest for some time.But in office we didn't have that thing.And Also at home only i will take care of my family and my health.
—Guest leena

Freelance artist and loving it!

I enjoy the flexibility of working from home: you organize your own schedule, you have the freedom to take your laptop to a coffee shop, library, etc whenever you want to get away from the desk/ studio, instead of having your creativity stuck inside 4 walls, no stress with bosses or coworkers, you have more time for family and friends... basically you enjoy life better and don't just live to work! I speak for myself, I have IBS and anxiety (both social and professional) and having to be in the same place everyday and to deal with the stress of getting stuck in traffic... for me that's terrible! The only downside is that freelancers (including myself) tend to get isolated from the world if we're not careful, so it's important to keep connections outside the home...
—Guest freelanceartist

Being myself

The most important reason for opting working from home is being true to myself and work in order to satisfy myself rather than doing all those stuffs to impress my boss. This gave me the freedom to be true to me and to live & enjoy the life the way i wish to without any limitations or stress.
—Guest itranscribe

Working from home is great

I work from home and I feel great about it. It gives you a priceless feeling of freedom to manage your time in the bet possible way. Jobs in the consultancy field are often done from home


Becoming more familiar with my own business strategies. To basically be working for my self. No bosses; my own time frame. To be more self-sufficient and eager to do my at home job professionally.
—Guest Nicole Johnson

Flexibility and Fun

Because I'm a writer/artist, I love the fact that I can take my laptop to a coffee shop or sandwich shop and work from there when I need to get out of the house! I also love it when my husband brings our son home in the afternoons and I take a little break to spend some time with them. It's not something that I could do if I worked at an office, and the best part is that my job, out of an office based in another state, is better than any job I'd be able to get locally!

Love working from home...

The best thing I feel about working from home is it's not really like work. You have a relaxed atmosphere, no boss as such, choose your own hours and no driving around in traffic! If you want to sit outside in the sun, take a break, have fun with kids, go for a walk or enjoy the view you can whenever you like! AND you are paid for it
—Guest KellyHatherell

Home When the Kids are Home

I work from home part-time, and I like knowing that I'm home when they are home. Even if they don't need me, the know I'm about, and that can be enough to keep a teenager or a preteen out of trouble.
—Guest Jen

Family and Mental Health

The two biggest reasons I work from home are to take care of my son and for my mental health. I struggle with severe anxiety, which means a traditional job is not an option for me. But, of course, nothing is better than getting up every morning to take care of my adorable, happy son and experience all his firsts first-hand!


I love being there when my children have events at school. I love picking them up from school and dropping them off. I love the creativity I get to have and let out when working from home. I like the dress code! I love the hours! I like getting stuff done during the day so I can have more quality time with hubby when he gets home.

Easier On My Body

I have severe chronic pain, migraines, myofacial disease....anyways, working from home is much easier for me because I'm in my surroundings with little or no distractions. Less stress means it's easier to do cope with my pain. That's a good thing.
—Guest berrymorin

doing two things you love

I love to work at home because I love my job, and I love to look after my family.
—Guest maureen

Almost Everything

I love just about everything about working from home. I love the flexibility for myself and for my family. I like being able to do fun things with my kids. I like being my own boss. I like not having to wear business clothes. I could go on and on... no commute, no packing lunches, no passive aggressive co-workers...

Life doesn't pass me by...

I enjoy being able to strike a balance between work and real life. Sometimes that means I'm free to go to the school play and sometimes it means I work late rather than go to the park. But I control that flexibility. My bosses won't know that I did my work at 2 a.m. or even remember my work, but my kids will remember that I came to school to eat lunch with them.
—Guest Robin

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