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Readers Respond: What's the Worst Email You've Received?

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Email is the lifeline of a telecommuter. And so we talked about sending email that gets a response. Now let's dish about the email we receive, specifically the worst email that's landed in your inbox. What are your email pet peeves? Whether it's the style (no caps, no punctuation) or the substance ("You're fired!), share your story of the worst email (or emailer).

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Chain Scam

One day, my best friend decided to send me an email that he got in a chain. I looked over it and realised that it was a scam that some idiot had decided was cool. Most of my friends came to school the following day with computer viruses.
—Guest goliath95

One or two word emails

I hate it when people respond to an email without forwarding the previous email and they just say a few words. So unless your remember everything that was said in all the previous emails it doesn't make any sense.

E-mail Pet Peeve

My biggest pet peeve is when people are not professional in business-related e-mails. If you're writing an e-mail that has anything to do with business, don't use emoticons, or cutesy abbreviations such as OMG, TTYL or LOL. All that stuff is fine for personal e-mails, of course, but not when it's related to a job, especially since, as you say, e-mail is "the lifeline of a telecommuter."

Share Your Worst Email

What's the Worst Email You've Received?

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