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Readers Respond: How Do You Handle Bickering Kids?

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Bickering kids can drive a parent to the edge. Kids will fight over just about anything, if the mood strikes. And all this disharmony can make it tough to get any work done. What's your trick for dealing with bickering kids?

make them laugh

I had my kids sit on straight back chairs, with their knees touching each other. I said they needed to keep a straight face and once they solved the problem, it was OK to leave the chairs. This always resulted in laughter and a quick resolution.
—Guest Babct

How Do You Handle Bickering Kids

I shall engage them in activities (group or independent) which they like, other than bickering.
—Guest Paritosh Kumar Rajan


Mothers may vow not to shout at their children. Instead of reacting they may respond kindly,mildly, gently. Instead of harsh NO tell politely YES. Too heavy work to be done at home spoils their child 's interest in studies. Teachers working with kids should know that. I resolve to tell my students on the subject in the New Year.
—Guest Prof G Rajamohan

Separate them or send them outside

If my kids don't stop bickering after a couple of warnings, I'll usually separate them -- send them each up to clean their rooms, send one outside to play with the dog, send them both outside to run around, something. The change of scenery usually helps, as does a suggestion about what to do.
—Guest Adrienne

Bickering kids need to expend energy

My grandfather used to make us run laps around the outside of the house when we were fighting and cranky. I don't generally make the kids do that, but I do try to find a physical activity for them.
—Guest Rosie

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