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Readers Respond: Christmas Decorating Disasters

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Christmas decorating is supposed to be fun for the whole family. And the result is supposed to bring cheer to the holiday season, right? But sometimes things just don't work out as planned, especially when there are kids involved. But as the years pass, these Christmas decorating disasters can sometimes turn into family folklore and are actually remembered fondly. Do you have any decorating disaster that you remember fondly....or not so fondly?

Dog Ate the Tinsel

It was ugly. We came down one day and the tree was a mess from our puppy having pulled down these little bits of silver tinsel -- and under the tree he had given it all back. Thankfully puppy was fine. Poor dog. Poor tree.
—Guest Jenn

Toppled Christmas Tree

I don't remember why we didn't tie up the tree. Maybe we just hadn't gotten around to it. Maybe we (foolishly) thought it was stable enough. But we didn't. And this was the year my 3yo had a fascination with a tiny bird ornament. Because she always wanted to touch it we hung it, we thought, out of her reach. But she managed to get hold of it anyway but pulled the whole tree down around her. Fortunately, the trunk of the tree went to her side and she wasn't even knocked down. She stood silently for a few seconds amid the downed tree and broken ornaments, holding the perfectly intact bird ornament, then just let out a huge wail. We always remember that moment when we hang that bird ornament.
—Guest LaureenBrunelli
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