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Readers Respond: Pass On Your Wisdom to New Moms Working at Home

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New moms always get a lot of advice--whether they want it or not! But some advice can be helpful, especially for those diving into a new adventure like working at home with a baby. If you've been there, working with an infant sleeping (or perhaps crying) at your side, what is one thing you've learned from the experience that might help another new mom?

Get Out of the House if You Can

It may not always be possible, but two evenings a week after my husband gets home from work, I take my laptop and head to a local coffee shop where they have free wireless internet. It gives me a change of scenery, gives me a chance to relax, and gives me a place where I can tune out and focus on my work.

Learn to Nurse While You Type

Not sure the AAP will approve of this, but I don't know a WAHM who hasn't breastfed and worked simultaneously. Use a boppy pillow and a sling to help secure baby and find a position that keeps her secure. This only works when baby is an infant. Once she starts squirming, it's over. But I did often strap baby into carrier and type while standing and rocking her.
—Guest Jenn

Baby IS OK Alone

When my first child was born and I worked at home, I had a crib in my office and I was with her every second even when she was sleeping. By 9-12 mos she got kind of demanding for my attention. And that is the start of an active age, so I had to work on getting her to enjoy playing/sleeping by herself if I was going to get anything done. Baby #2-- no crib in the office.

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