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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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From the article: Arise Virtual Solutions
Home call center company Arise Virtual Solutions has its fans and its detractors. Arise works differently than other call center jobs, charging certification fees to its call center agents. And for some that suits them fine while others don't like it. If you have worked for Arise, share your experience here. What was good? What was bad?

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say what you want

Arise may cost to take a pre test and pay to take a class butit will give you a profit. I have been with the company for 5 years. Maybe for the norm you may think it does not pay off what you put in but for me it does. I can work from home take careof my family and still make make money. Its a choice and I can help supprt my family by doing this and it is not a scam.
—Guest doreen

You do NOT have to incorporate!

If you are going to research a company, please do complete and through research prior to writing about them. Arise offers you the opportunity to work as an independent business or as a person working for an independent business (generally as an independent contractor of that company). There is NO requirement that you incorporate to work with Arise. As for training, I am a multiple degree holder and paid for that in order to get a job in my chosen fields; how is paying upfront for training any different? I have been in certification classes where you can tell the difference in a person that paid for the class and one that had an IBO or someone else pay for the class.... if you have an out of pocket expenditure, you tend to take things seriously!
—Guest DMF


I wish I would have investigated Arise better than just taking someones word for it, I spent money on phone service, internet service, and was just about to send $220 to their attorney of choice for incorporating, Thank God I didn't, they deactivated my account for NO REASON AND NO EXPLANATION WAS GIVEN. I emailed them as they requested and waited patiently for their answer. THIS IS DEFINITELY A SCAM AND THANK YOU ARISE FOR DEACTIVATING ME BEFORE I GOT FURTHER INTO YOUR CHAOS!!
—Guest Melissa Davis

Pros and Cons

I've been with Arise for almost 2 years and I service a "Magical" company. Arise is not going to change the way it operates, so go into this like you should go into any business...with your eyes wide open. Despite having 3 stars every week and knowing more about the company, services, sales and policies than most of the performance facilitators, I was passed up for a supervisor position. No sour grapes...it is what it is, but I can say very confidently that I am excellent at my job, so I consider it their loss. Pros: you can pick your own hours. If you are like me passionate about a certain client before you even begin, or if you have certain skills prior, then the calls can be quite fun. Work from home...enough said. Cons: support is awful...truly, truly awful. Systems shut down constantly, due to both Arise and the client. If you aren't good you won't pass and you wasted your money. Pay is nothing to get excited about. Upskills without pay are common. Eyes wide open!
—Guest Belle

So far So good

I am currently waiting to start my training class that starts a little over two weeks. So far, I have done my background check ($12.95) CSP 101 ($5) and that was all of the money that I had to pay other than for my client training class which was ($29) The CSP class is on sale now, it is usually $99. I purchased a call center phone with headset and I am ready to rock and roll! I hope to be able to establish my own business through them in the near future.
—Guest L. Perry

great disapointment

Paid 4 all the trainning. Tried to log on to work. Never was able to. Lost a lot of time and money. Tech support took 2 weeks to fix my sign in user name, i missed 2 weeks of trainning. No knew what to do. Really bad experience. Never made any money. Find something else. Do not sign up. Not worth it. Only a few persons make money.
—Guest janet

Arise the rude

worked for this company for a few week. I can honestly say i have never incountered such rude, cold, uncaring unprogessional people in my life. They are paid by us for support, but when i asked a question, the reply was either "look at your notes" or ignored altogether. A horrible bunch of qpf's every born except for maybe 1 or 2. Say away from these money grabbing ruthless groupd of scam artists.
—Guest lily

Only for independent workers

I have been with the company for nearly 2 years and have worked a single client in that time. They regularly have up to 80 hours available for the choosing. Working from home with little direction is not for everyone. A lot of people have questionable technology at home and try to get by with WiFi and wireless phones as well (not allowed). Arise could tell you a thing or two about folks who try to work or hire folks to work from outside of the country or who try to steal customer info (credit card and other account info). They naysayers are giving one-side, but some people just can't cut it. Some folks have a 20 hour minimum work week and only show up for 5. Do your own research!
—Guest Guest IBO

no hours

I used to work for arise about 7 years ago so when I saw the opportunity to service sears again i jumped on it. it is not the same. after paying$200 anc completing class, i had to try and catch the system to get hours. most hrs i got was 9-15. i was unable to log into the system from day one to day calls. 2 months later i still cannot log in. bad tec support and i lost out on the $200 for the class. they are a true work at home but you will have to invest a lot of hours , about 8 on tec support everytime and a lot of money before you see your money back. good comppany to kill time with but now for someone that needs a real job. Ive decided to spend my time doing something else.
—Guest betsy


I paid for the background check and now I can't log back in and admission keep telling me they are working on the problem and its a month and still nothing happen so I'm out of the 44.95.
—Guest Patricia57

No hours

I used to work for guys seven years ago . I decided to try them again July 2013. it has not been the same after. I have has been 3 weeks after training and I only have 1 hours availableto work. It is not something that will make you a lot of money. It would help pay the gas bill. Lots of last minute meeting. bad training. Bad tec support and no good system
—Guest betsy

Arise is a joke!

My 2 years with arise has been the biggest stress in my life. I spent more money certifying, getting a phone line and compliant computer than I actually ever made. I never missed a metric and my last client terminated me because of computer incompatibility issues although it was fully compliant. The opportunity postings never reveal the full requirements and you get a wake up call after you pay for the expensive class that you hope you pass. The metrics are in some cases just not attainable or they change as you go. The pay is horrible considering your expenses. They also owe me $$$ which I am sure I will never see. Hours with some clients are hard to get and folks fight over them. The $19.95 fee per check for the support was a joke as they don't help. They don't hesitate to drop you before trying to coach or help you out. You are reminded often of how replaceable you are. I am glad that some people are having an okay experience with them. For me, it was a nightmare after 4 clients.

Arise - How they scam the CSP's

My experience with Arise is they scam you by putting ALL burdens on the CSP and there is absolutely noone to SPEAK to to resolve issues and noone to talk to. A certification class I took for $169 was for over a month, we had class for 2 of the 4 hours required and practice the other 2 hours. They taught nothing about the packages offered when you are on a call and when we started servicing, that was the most important part and time consuming part. They certified 3 classes with 30+ people in each - there were no hours. Most people got 1 or 2 hrs for many weeks (unless you sat at the computer hours on end to wait for a half hour here and there like me). They certified so many because they set everyone up to fail. Once they need more people, they get another $169 from 90 more people and set them up to fail (I already had 18 months experience with another client where I was a TOP performer and I was not able to overcome quick enough. I received my SOW breech warning after only 6 wee
—Guest C Tripp

Agent for ARise

I worked for Arise for 4 years. Loved it, and I made really good money too. Excellent change for me to stay home with my kids and work around their schedule. I worked several clients throughout the day. Great growing company. Thinking of going back.
—Guest Kelly

Terminated by Arise

You might expect this to be a sour grapes article but it is not. I was terminated by Arise after only four months which included the up front training time. My termination was strictly and only due to my substandard performance. The performance metric that killed me was commitment; when you specify the time slots you are going to work; well by yumpin yimminy you better be on post each time, every time and all the time. I'm a four year college grad in a technical field, this job should be as easy as falling off a log; right?? Ain't necessarily so! Maybe for the younger worker this is true but I find that after three years served in the service, four years of college and a working career as an electronics engineer of more than 51 years; I was just too damn old. My PF helped all she could, thank you Michelle, but at 76 I should have stayed in retirement. Arise is a good company and you make it or not on your own merit. Be careful the job you apply for ; you might just get it.

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What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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