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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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Home call center company Arise Virtual Solutions has its fans and its detractors. Arise works differently than other call center jobs, charging certification fees to its call center agents. And for some that suits them fine while others don't like it. If you have worked for Arise, share your experience here. What was good? What was bad?

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I paid for the background check and now I can't log back in and admission keep telling me they are working on the problem and its a month and still nothing happen so I'm out of the 44.95.
—Guest Patricia57

No hours

I used to work for guys seven years ago . I decided to try them again July 2013. it has not been the same after. I have has been 3 weeks after training and I only have 1 hours availableto work. It is not something that will make you a lot of money. It would help pay the gas bill. Lots of last minute meeting. bad training. Bad tec support and no good system
—Guest betsy

Arise is a joke!

My 2 years with arise has been the biggest stress in my life. I spent more money certifying, getting a phone line and compliant computer than I actually ever made. I never missed a metric and my last client terminated me because of computer incompatibility issues although it was fully compliant. The opportunity postings never reveal the full requirements and you get a wake up call after you pay for the expensive class that you hope you pass. The metrics are in some cases just not attainable or they change as you go. The pay is horrible considering your expenses. They also owe me $$$ which I am sure I will never see. Hours with some clients are hard to get and folks fight over them. The $19.95 fee per check for the support was a joke as they don't help. They don't hesitate to drop you before trying to coach or help you out. You are reminded often of how replaceable you are. I am glad that some people are having an okay experience with them. For me, it was a nightmare after 4 clients.

Arise - How they scam the CSP's

My experience with Arise is they scam you by putting ALL burdens on the CSP and there is absolutely noone to SPEAK to to resolve issues and noone to talk to. A certification class I took for $169 was for over a month, we had class for 2 of the 4 hours required and practice the other 2 hours. They taught nothing about the packages offered when you are on a call and when we started servicing, that was the most important part and time consuming part. They certified 3 classes with 30+ people in each - there were no hours. Most people got 1 or 2 hrs for many weeks (unless you sat at the computer hours on end to wait for a half hour here and there like me). They certified so many because they set everyone up to fail. Once they need more people, they get another $169 from 90 more people and set them up to fail (I already had 18 months experience with another client where I was a TOP performer and I was not able to overcome quick enough. I received my SOW breech warning after only 6 wee
—Guest C Tripp

Agent for ARise

I worked for Arise for 4 years. Loved it, and I made really good money too. Excellent change for me to stay home with my kids and work around their schedule. I worked several clients throughout the day. Great growing company. Thinking of going back.
—Guest Kelly

Terminated by Arise

You might expect this to be a sour grapes article but it is not. I was terminated by Arise after only four months which included the up front training time. My termination was strictly and only due to my substandard performance. The performance metric that killed me was commitment; when you specify the time slots you are going to work; well by yumpin yimminy you better be on post each time, every time and all the time. I'm a four year college grad in a technical field, this job should be as easy as falling off a log; right?? Ain't necessarily so! Maybe for the younger worker this is true but I find that after three years served in the service, four years of college and a working career as an electronics engineer of more than 51 years; I was just too damn old. My PF helped all she could, thank you Michelle, but at 76 I should have stayed in retirement. Arise is a good company and you make it or not on your own merit. Be careful the job you apply for ; you might just get it.

arise is a money maker for themselves

I took the AT&T Liveperson Chat course. From the very beginning my questions I asked were skipped over, students in the class attacked another student, the teacher in response to the students questions were answered in a grumbled voice I went over this which she didn't, on several occasions she stated she went over stuff and she never did. The teacher told us she wouldn't be doing the certification well came to that day guess who was doing them Unlike other courses your certifications were done in a live environment not this class I was doing mine one tells me go in away status so I do another comes into my chat and says go back online teacher comes back in oh sorry my mistake right in the chat I awaited for results of my chats none of my scores matched up with my chats only 35 people passed out of 237 passed revenue arise made over $50,000 from the ones that didn't pass
—Guest very dissatisfied

Arise success - and SOW violations

I've been with Arise since 2007. My first comment is that every comment on here with the name of an Arise client listed is in direct violation of their contract with Arise. Guys, you sign a LEGAL contract to non disclosure when you begin your tenure as a servicing partner. Arise, like any other CLIENT, doesn't ever have to renew a contract with it's vendors. You, as an IBO or contractor for and IBO (VSC) are a free agent. This means that after the 3 months of your SOW is up, they have the option to renew or not for any reason at all. This is how it goes in business. Just because one of my solar customers buys a panel from me one day in no way obligates them to buy their next2, 3, or 4 panels from me. That's life. That's business. roll with it. Imagine that you'd like to become a paramedic. You need certification to do that. Who's going to pay for those classes? YOPU, typically. With no guarantee of a job in the end. This is the same thing.
—Guest Piedmont365

Arise scam or no?

I have worked for Arise for 5+ years and wanted to respond. Yes, you do have to pay for training and other costs to get started and they can be quite steep. I feel the biggest pro for Arise is that you are in control of what client(s) you work for. In 5+ years I have always had a client and been able to work as many hours as I wanted and have always had at least 1 client. I recouped my start up costs in about 1 month. It takes initiative and dedication, but has been more than worth it for me. I have worked at other call center work at home companies and found Arise suits my needs the best.
—Guest AriseWorker

Arise scam

Well i will put in my two cents worth. I have been with arise for 3.5 yrs . I have had my corpt. for 35 yrs so i didnt have that expense to put into this .first it was to be olny 19.95 for a fee with arise and some where in the times that extra 19.95 started coming out. It cost a lot to get started you pay arise for working for them , but how they get by with it is you are loging into there secure system. Another thing is you have to pay for trainging find out that they have 3 to 8 more classes with 20 to 65 people in each class you no that all them people wont make it so arise has made a good profit by having them join. there tech support sucks big time, there automotive person never know what you want. You wait for hours to get tech to answer you and sometimes they screw things up worse than what it was before you went to them . YOu have to release hrs if you go to them . Qpfs are rude all the T2 they take to long to help you . stay clear looking for something esle.

Find Jobs That Pay!

I noticed people saying that "No internet company will provide free training." That just isn't true. There are several work from home jobs that offer training. I currently work for two companies right now that got me all setup and CHARGED ME NOTHING. Now your desired company wants you to have specific certifications it is likely you will be required to pay for those certifications, but even in contracting/ freelance positions that is not always the case. It takes some time to get independent. Make sure you are setting weekly goals for yourself and understand that finding opportunities evolve as you evolve. I know that you can find much better opportunities without spending a dime. In fact, unless it was certification that I could take with me for additional opportunity I am not paying for it. A good resource I have found is "www.ratracerebellion.com". My suggestion for work at hope individuals is find jobs that pay, not opportunities that require you to pay!
—Guest James


Finding Arise was what I thought to be a blessing but…it is not. I do think however, that Arise is somewhat a legitimate company in need of restructure. Being a fairly intelligent person, I enrolled for a national cell company training course which lasted 8 weeks. I was told to study hard and I would make good money. However, studying hard meant studying night and day; 7 days a week. Our instructor probably can do the job successfully, but cannot teach it. Still once the customer service portion of the course was done, our contract was cancelled. You also have to realize there is no payment for training so for 6 weeks we spent all this time and money for nothing. Vouchers were given to those who passed the course, but those who did not pass got nothing. I paid $200 + for the course and more for the phone and headset. Personally, I think Arise has a very high failure rate and with that, I would say they are the ones making most of the money and I will pass on any other courses.

Been with Arise for 5 years

I have worked for Carival, Home depot chat and currently Disney ALL from Arise. I have 2 small kids and being able to work at night after they go to bed allows me to keep them out of daycare. This is NOT a scam, it may not work for everyone but others make a great living. Arise has also allowed me to work for several other work at home companies that I wouldn't have been able to get without the epxerience I got from the Arise clients. Expenses to get started: (This is a 1099 position and many expenses can be written off on your taxes) Background Check $44.95 (paid directly to U.S. Information Search) High-Speed Internet $50* Phone Equipment – Keypad & VOIP/Gaming Headset $35 -$100* Dedicated Phone Line $18* CSP 101 $99* Online Training: 50-200$ 5 years ago I started working from home and have never looked back. Being able to schedule my own hours and choose who I want to work for is amazing. I make 12HR with my client but it ranges from 9-15HR.
—Guest Work at home mom!

Arise sucks

I went thru the training, took the tests did well, scored well on reviews and one customer said I should train. Now that wave season is over and Triumph and subsequent issues have been resolved and they were begging for hours and now it is slower the dump you. It is a bunch of crap. Some of the PF suck and don't answer your questions. If you send an e mail you get a response several days later and they blow you off.
—Guest Terry

dont mess with arise they are con artist

Im an ibo i was doing very well and managed very well and had great people under me .. I had 30 agents now 3 and soon none as my people are certifying and sow terminated a week later or being paid 7 hours when they should be paid for 50 or not being placed in que to receive calls ...things were almost good one was terminated i feel cuz she was too damn good and broke pockets so to say but not literal she was making 1500.00 every 2 weeks n when she hit 3000.00 out of no where her sow was terminated.....too much money being spent to not be able to work cuz tech issues is not cool n they wanna terminate cuz of they issues not mine or my people as i have or had exceptional agents....dont mess with them unless you just want throw away your last bit of money that you only have...cuz u will end up with no money n no job
—Guest screwed with no lube

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