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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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From the article: Arise Virtual Solutions
Home call center company Arise Virtual Solutions has its fans and its detractors. Arise works differently than other call center jobs, charging certification fees to its call center agents. And for some that suits them fine while others don't like it. If you have worked for Arise, share your experience here. What was good? What was bad?

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Arise is not for the fainthearted

For most, you will lose money instead of make money. After I paid for training and did not get adequate support, I did not pass and lost my money.
—Guest teresa

Arise Response

Arise is a legitimate company, you just have to find the right company to work for. Not all of them are helpful.
—Guest Angel

rude awakening...

I just finished training and now waiting on hours to work. I have a SOW to work min 15 hrs per week but how can you work the hours if there are none to schedule? I'm getting disillusioned very fast. The hours are "released" at a certain time each week but if you're not "johnny on the spot", they are all gone. not sure of how this "release" works but I've only worked 1 hr this week (and have only 3 days left to get in 15) and if we're supposed to work the hours in the SOW, my question is how the heck will that get done?!! I check regularly. Unfortunately, the SOW is for another 2 mons but I'm ready to stop right now. It makes no sense at all!!

Current Arise Cintractor

I've worked for Arise for 5 years. It is a good, reliable source of income. It definitely favors Arise vs. you but if you're smart you will make money. The key is to know which clients are dogs and which are good. There is a forum, workplacelikehome.com, that does a great job of summing it up. The author of this article is very clearly biased against Arise. The wages aren't great but it does offer an opportunity to genuinely work from home making real money. (I personally have averaged $13/hr after all costs - I don't consider my phone & Internet a cost since I'd have that bill whether I worked or not.) If you're looking for a client with a lot of hours that's cheap to get started with, try the tax co right around New Year's. Stay away from the phone companies unless you have a lot of tenacity, if the fruity computer company comes up jump on that one fast! You might want to 'staple' a note to yourself a certain office supply company as well as a certain vacationing mouse are reliable
—Guest Ali_R

Wow ... What's with the bad reviews?

i'm not sure how recent these reviews are, but I was just trained with Arise for a Fortune 500 company and the training was NOT a joke. It was one of the shortest of the companies they have, 25 days. I passed the written test and the mock calls. The next week I was working and have rec'd paychecks! The hours I want are available and the max is 40. If you do your job as you've been trained you can get 3 stars for that week. You get 3 stars your minimum amount of hours is 15. You get 2 you can only work 10 hours and so on. The costs to start this up? Minimal since I already had a computer, cable, and a phone line. Arise is not a scam whatsoever. You get out of it, what you put in to it. That's life.
—Guest jazzNwine

Arise...not what I'd hoped for

Not so magical, systems that crash, horrbile support, lots of unpaid hours doing upskills and reading tons of emails. They don't train their back-up staff well at all. So glad to go.
—Guest Tricky Dust

Ignorant comments

After reading some of these comments I realize how you have failed or placed blame on someone else for YOUR failure. Most of these people commenting can't even form a correct sentence let alone spell simple words correctly. It's shameful that you would discredit a legit company because of your failures. Of course you have to pay to become certified, you new this well before you took your assessments and now you come in here and whine like 5th graders. Go to McDonalds and get a job there, it takes no brain power to flip a burger
—Guest IBO

Not a scam

I've worked for Arise on and off for years. I have always made my money back and then some. The only thing that sucks is having to pay for training, but it's worth it. I get to set my own schedule and the pay is not bad at all.
—Guest Guest

Not Scared

I have been in customer service for over 12 years in one capacity or another. I believe what Arise offers is an opportunity. Opportunities are exactly that, a chance to make something. If you don't make your dream a reality, you will spend the rest of your life working to make someone elses dream a reality. It is all in the approach. No one ever said it would be cheap or extra easy to be in business for yourself. As far as a business investment it is the most affordable real business investment I have seen out there. Arise is well organized. I am impressed with that. Work at home has been a dream for many Americans for many years. Let's make it a REALITY!!!!
—Guest Camador

No Issues

I have worked for 2 clients I am currently servicing a client making great $$, Ive never had any issues with them.
—Guest JVS

My Job

I love Arise i'e been there for 3 years now and I make more money here than any other company i worked for, because its a work t home company it gives me time to plan my schedule and have time for life, I work as much as I can and i never have a problem in getting hours. Hours are always urgent. But I have to admit there system shuts down alot but I have worked at call centers before where their systems also shut down on me so that was typical to me. But with any work at home job you have to have commitment and control in order to succeed and make good money. Yea you have to pay money to get started but I made that money back in less than a month. My first check I remember was over 5 hundred bucks so the money is good you just have to work for it and stick wit it like any other job
—Guest Arise worker

Arise Virtual Rep

They are not a scam but they go a bit over board with requirements at the end of the call asking the customer additional questions. This is not necessary in this fast paced world we live in if the customer needs additional help or have questions they will ask you. I spent months working with them and this was the only not so pleasant part of the customer experience for me. Please post this on facebook, twitter or any website you deem appropriate.
—Guest Lynn Moore

Arise is great!

I've been with arise since 2008 but just began servicing around feb or mar 2013 for turbo tax then staples. I think arise is great it gives me an opportunity to be a stay at home mom while working part time. I haven't had any problems at all, my client is very understanding of any problems that I have had in past. Hours are currently low but that's not arises fault try are just a middle man to you and your client the client the client allots the hours to arise to release to us. And for the previous poster that says they don't like when you sound "too black" that's a load of crap I am black myself but I speak proper, there is no such thing as speaking black or white. It's proper grammar and improper grammar and it sounds to me that you are insinuating that black people on a whole speak improper and that's not true. It is no ones fault but your own that you choose to speak improperly don't take it out on arise because they need people that sound educated and can communicate clearly.
—Guest Carol

Voice Assessment Failure

I took the voice assessment and unfortunately received a call on my home phone (call waiting) and it interrupted the word that I was supposed to put a sentence together with. Obviously, I failed the assessment because I didn't hear the word...Woops, you failed, no going back, no second chance......emailed them to request a 2nd chance and no call or email back.....they don't care, just like corporate America! Waste of time!
—Guest Anita

I like it ok, it has worked out for me

There are some challenges and technical difficulties that you run into. It's a different philosophy working from home, rather than in a brick and mortar office. You have to deal with the challenges if you want to reap the rewards of scheduling your own time and being your own boss. It's personal accountability. If you are an IBO with your own corporation, there is some systematic lessons you need to learn. That's how I present myself for potential CSPs. Being an IBO I can be an extra layer of support that Arise themselves don't really offer. Don't be confused, this is not your typical job atmosphere. If you need hand holding the whole way through, you will not get it being a contractor.
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