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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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Arise, no thanks!!!

I took the training which started at 8PM until 12AM. At first I was excited, then nervous as I wondered how I would be able to get complete a 4 week course that started at 8PM. About half way I started to realize it wasn't for me. Calling it a 4 hour course is NOT an fair description since the time commitment doesn't include 3-4 hours of assigned homework, which was cutting into my other work at home job which was suffering since I kept giving up shifts in order to accommodate Arise's demanding schedule. At week 3 I was determined to quit. However I had already noticed the class had dwindled since the 1st night which had 30+ attendees down to about 15-19. I ended up quitting before week 4 because the poor instructor, plagued with failing applications, was finding alternative ways to teach the course including skipping ahead. That's just some of the frustrating things which occurred. I hope this helps anyone considering Arise.
—Guest Glad I'm Arise-less

Working with Arise - Rogers don't do it

They don't pay the hours you work, they only pay for the hours their system is up and sometimes that is 50% - 60% Outrageous
—Guest Sandra

I LOVE Arise!!

Arise is NOT a scam! I have been working THROUGH Arise for just over a year. I am thoroughly pleased. I have two little ones at home and with minimal childcare help I am able to consistently make over $15 (a few times close to $18) per hour and maintain a healthy work, life balance. You are not an EMPLOYEE, but a business owner associated with Arise. Almost the same as if you choose to work for a staffing company. The only difference is YOU own your company. They even offer the opp to become your own staffing company, or SVSC. When starting a business one should expect to make some type of investment and with Arise it is minimal. The cost of their training is $99, but there seems to always be some type of offer to get it done for less than that. I personally only paid $25. Everything you put in is tax deductible and an optimistic person would realize that. If you are a performer and you choose the best opportunity to fit you, Arise makes it easy to succeed.
—Guest Malaja


This is for anyone who is considering working for Arise, DO IT! I have been working for Arise for 2 years almost and I love it, I am being awarded for being a top performer and recently been considerd to become a PF, and just think I read a lot of negative post about them before I started, good thing I followed my first mind and ignore them all, some people are just bitter and are trying to mess with the mind of others because they didnot like it. Dont listen to them just try it if you work hard you will be successful.
—Guest Janice

The Fees Are Ridiculous

Ive worked for Arise for several years. Yes you can make a decent living but be prepared for monthly fees of about $40, attending several meetings a month (not required but you won't feel like you can miss without putting your job in jeopardy) and you won't get paid for these. Every now and again there is some paid training but Ive only seen that 2-3 times in the several years Ive been there. If you get on the watch list and are targeted for being termed....its game over. Theres no warning - just a letter letting you know your SOW has been termed. Arise only looks out for its best interest - not yours. So in five years Ive paid out over $2500 in tech support (charge 19.95 twice a month), several hundred dollars in training classes for certifications and attended endless meetings on my own time. Spare me the "this is your own business" routine. You incorporate as an IC so Arise doesn't have to pay taxes etc. Who starts a "business" to make $9 an hour.

Arise is a scam

I worked for Arise for about a year and I believe the PFs are being given commissions for giving you lower scores so they don't have to pay you as much. After getting good scores and 100 percent on customer surveys I went to work one night and could not get into the system. I was informed 4 days later that had a terminated me! Too stressful! This company is slave labor!
—Guest Ellie

Arise is NOT a scam

I have been with Arise since 2007. I have never had a late check ever. I have worked 2 clients most of this time. If you have no knowledge of computers and no basic sales and or customer service back ground, then don't sign up . Being your own business owner requires you to invest some time and money to make money. You also need to be a self-starter with a positive outlook. Negative people will not thrive at Arise. You should have the ability to multitask and the gift to communicate with people is a must. For thousands it has been a great fit . For others , its just something they're not cut out for, just as I am not cut out to fly a plane. Arise is legal, and everyday they're making strides to improve the tools that helps us make a living for our families. This job is good for professionals who understand what it takes to be successful. I certainly don't make the money I made when I worked out of my home. However I also don't have to deal with all the expenses I once did.
—Guest mimi

Arise is a Scam... Period

I have read other forums and see the same Arise employees (trolls) that come to each complaint board and try to soften the blow with sugar coated posts. the bottom line is, A LARGER number than most are comfortable with, have had major issues with Arise. The safe thing to do is STAY AWAY. My own experience was BEYOND horrible. Almost a thousand dolalrs spent on corp fees, certification ($249 for AAA MSC) and hour after hour of NO HOURs and no call when I could get hours. There is a group of about 20 of us who were scammed for the AAA opp that have contacted the president of AAA and he was shocked to hear what Arise was doing to people who put their trust in the AAA name.

Arise is not a scam!

I have been with Arise since 2008. I make my OWN schedule, choose what client I want and get to spend more time with my kids. Please research and don't let the negative comments turn you away. Arise has clients like App*e, Dis*ey, AT*T, Roya* Caribe*n, Carni*al, Barn* and No*le and MANY more. Why would all these well known companies work with a company that is not legit?? Yes you have to PASS the training and it's VERY intense. If you fail you don't work simple as that. Once you start working if you don't work the hours YOU schedule and meet the CLIENTS metrics your contract is ended. You DO NOT have to incorporate, get an EIN, business bank account if you join a Super VSC like us. If you look in the FAQ's on the Arise website it states ALL of the computer, Landline, and other requirements. For those who are interested in learning more about our Super VSC please feel free to email me. mbrown@opendoormultiservices.com
—Guest Super VSC

Don't whine take action that's effective

the Federal Trade Commission is (FTC), ph 1 877 382 4357, is looking into Arise and some of its procedures for possible legal action. If you have a beef contact them ASAP,
—Guest bernard champa

Arise is def a scam

Okay Okay, i see that many have bought into this "business opportunity" model that Arise is perpetuating. Well, if it is a business opportunity why can u not leave and come back as you please. I recently had surgery and had to stop servicing a client and i was told that because i terminated my other two clients i cd no longer work for arise. i filed a complaint and now they have banned me from ever returning, this is after taking my money. Arise needs to fund itself. So what it does, is ever so often, it will terminate your SOW, and then advertise for new "students" it is common knowledge that many people who have this company as their only source of income has been burned badly by it. i understand it has worked for some but the majority that i have come across have faced unfair treatment and I am one of those. I would highly recommend that you look elsewhere before signing up with arise.
—Guest Kim

It sounds like a franchise...

A lot of franchise relationships that work with small entities (independent contractors or small businesses) operate this way. It's important to note that when you are signing up for an independent contractor position, the costs of getting started are typically yours unless otherwise arranged.
—Guest BusinessOwnerinTN

It IS a scam

I've worked for Arise for 4 years. It is a scam to get cheap labor that pays them hundreds of dollars for trainings, monthly fees, and it’s in their interest to let you go and take on others to pay them the fees. You're a business owner only because you’re forced to incorporate (so they don't have to pay taxes; you do). Arise tells you what to do, how to do it (not always in a way that is clear) and provides the equip to do it. If their equip fails (and it does often) you are held responsible. Even they don’t understand their ever-changing procedures but you are held responsible for performing within them. PFs use their interpretations of procedures to score calls. Many good people have been fired because of a PF’s subjective interpretation of the rules. I make $275-$400 less per month than I did 4 years ago and now must work 7 days a week to make ends meet. That doesn’t include the $474/yr I must pay them to work for them or the hundreds of dollars I spent for trainings.
—Guest Guest


I have filed a complaint with the BBB on Arise and I encourage all complaintants to do so. We deserve to get our money back. Hardly noone in my training class "made the cut," though everyone paid the fees (as far as I know). The ones passed were already Arise employees, cross-trained for what I was training for the first time with the understanding I would be working from home. If more training was needed, then I had paid the money for that. There is no way this is a legitimate company as, obviously, the end result has not come to fruition--my working at home.
—Guest BP

Just enough truth in this lie to believe

Paid for everything until certification money amount became known. My gut said "don't". This is a glorified pyramid scheme. Think about it...Paying in to what is supposed to be paying you...Investment or job: It can't be both at the same time. Classically, in most cases you are out of a lot of money before you realize recouping your money will not happen. No legitimate job pays it's employees based on the taking a percentage out of another person's earnings. People who have no complaints about this co. are in a spot on the pyramid where they don't feel the unstableness of the unattainable goal of a well disguised pyramid scheme. I am glad there is a class action law suit against them. I hope they are completely exposed. I will call my costs a small lost and be greatful that I saw I was going to be hit for more and more money as I went along. Pinpointing the exact place of fraud will take investigating that I hope will eventually take place.
—Guest AlmostgotMe

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