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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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Frustrated IBO

I have been with arise for 3 years now and I am throughly frustrated. First and foremost there is no human interaction at all unless you are required to attend an adobe session for training or open forums. I actually had to reach out to the CEO just to get a response. I struggle with the fact that there is absolutly no way to reach anyone who is supposedly there to help you guide you and give you support and advice and encouragment, and they only way to reach anyone is through email and then it is a decision on their part to actually respond if they want or deem it necessary. I have found a few things I think are a huge problem with they way that they calculate your AHT and what you are actually getting. I will say right now that if you do not meet the requirments of a particular client you will show up at work and guess what no access without notice. The tech support and partner support is a laughing joke, I avoid them at all costs they do not respond. Be very careful!

Arise is awful

First of all they expect you to do when told however when it comes to communicating with these folks they take their time. How is this self-employment when they exploit the folks that work for them. Then do not have an issue with your payment because they will take their sweet time fixing it. I worked and did not get paid bottom line. I am not asking for anything free. I worked, I put in my time, now pay me for my work. I hate this damn company
—Guest Arise OWES me Money

whats your experience working for arise

I started with arise in 2011, 8mths there I started to notice my pay was approx 80% of what it should have been , bad enough that I would work 10 hr days and only paid for 6 due to uncontrollable technical issues on their part, but when I complained I wasignored, then in Jan of 2013 Arise made this new star agent setup that if you meet certain targets you were either bronze silver or gold agent , and that determined how many hrs you could post to work for, seemed Arise did not have the hrs to give each agent the contractual agreement of 20 a week, but then 80% of agents were listed as bronze so when you tried to post for hrs if you didnt post at the min they were released you didnt get 20 hrs for the week, when I pointed out that Arise didnt have the hrs available I received notice my previouse weeks talk time was not meeting requirements, then the same day due to this, I was released from Arise. funny I did not work the week prior cause there was no hrs available.
—Guest judy cere


I have worked with arise and as far as I am concerned they are abusive and arrogant. They don't return emails on client applications and they don't communicate across the board consistantly. They say you are a Independant Business owner but abuse their power by not responding or ignoring legit complaints
—Guest dude

I Love Arise!!

I have been working for this company for several months now and have been very happy. Yes you do have to pay for your training...in my instance I went through 8 weeks of "school" for 4 hrs a day to work for a client. Yes you do have to have lanline internet/phone service and yes you do hav e to pay for your equipment. My expenses were not over 250.00. My IBO that I work under pays me on time as she should and the assistance I get when having problems has been more than exceptional. I really am thankful that I have this opportunity to work from home as I have 3 children. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. And yes it is hard work....learning anything new requires effort and you get out of it what you put in!
—Guest cevans

Fake Support

I have been with Arise for almost a year now. It was all going well, and then I did not renew a contract with one client and decided to go with a different client full-time. I have been with their "partner support" for THREE months trying to get my scorecard corrected. The information displayed still shows my old client, and each time my ticket has been "escalated" it has been "miraculously" resolved and closed out, only to have ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING RESOLVED! Their idea of support is SERIOUSLY lacking! I can't complain about the client I service, because they are only following the rules setup by Arise, but if there is no true support to resolve serious issues then why charge the "technical support fee"! Ludicrious if you ask me.
—Guest disgruntled ibo

Feedback Real?

Anyone else getting the feeling that all these positive reveiws saying this company is great are internal employee's planting fake feedback? Just wondering....
—Guest FakeResponses?

Please read what you are getting into

I have worked for Arise for 3 years and still am. But saying that I work 2 clients for them and still do not ever get 40 hrs a week, they say you can post for more but there are never more to post for. Cost out of the 4 classes I have worked for I have paid a total of 1100.00 and did not make that much in 3 months. Think very seriously, the worst part hands down... NO SUPPORT i do not know who to call if I need someone or have a question, you wait over 4 hrs for tech support. IT is very scary and I keep thinking there has to be something I can do to get out of this and find a true company. Oh yea by the way.. Pay NEVER EVER CORRECT!!!

Don't be cheated

I had to pay a fee of $ 99.00 and trained to learn a product ( AT&T Mobility KCCA ) for 2 ½ months. This included a 4 hour class - 5 days a week. Some assessment quizzes over the weekend. To fully understand and get the product info, it also took another 4 to 6 hours daily, to practice and rehearse with other classmates the material. My instructor even asked me to assist another class member because I did well in class and have very good pc skills. My classmates asked me to assist them in PF chat , not knowing that, I could not. Problem: 2 days before our class was to go into a nesting week for further training. Our instructor misses the last 2 days of the week before nesting. We are blindsided of what expectations are needed for nesting. We were told we would get an assessment test before nesting week. It didn’t happen. We were told we would be able to pick pre- hours for nesting. Twenty hours were min. hrs. needed. It did not happen. We could not get hours unless we sat at
—Guest real person1

Arise SUCKS!

Arise sucks. Plan and simple. Why so? Well I'm glad you asked! 1. Continuity Everyone has their heads up their ass. My last supervisor lost her job because of TECHNICAL problems on Arise's side. She was not able to fully function as a supervisor due to not being able to access certain supervisor tools, her super told her everything will be okay, then they suddenly chopped her at the end of the month! 2. It's all about the numbers You can be the best salesman on the planet. If you have a position in sales, have the best attitude on the phone, but fail to meet your quota, you will be chopped. Even after your super tells you everything will be okay since I have an amazing character on the phone, it does not matter. 3. Ridiculous AHT requirements They stress so much emphasis on quality, yet fail to realize customers simply do NOT want to be hurried off the phone. I can handle being fast and resourceful, but the customers cant. The moment they feel rushed, then BAM bad score.
—Guest Anony

Should be illegal

The problem with Arise is "virtually" everything. It is a constant training mill. The systems go down all the time. You sneeze and you are out. You pay for training. You put in the time and commitment only to be let go right at the end of the training. In a perfect scenario where the network doesn't crash, you can get your SOW's and perform, you shouldn't be working there. You could get a job that pays double and treats you better. The bi-monthly Arise fee is a joke. The tech support lies and does not have the ability to fix THEIR issues. You cannot use Windows 8. Good luck finding a new PC without Windows 8. If anything goes wrong even if it is out of your control will be your fault. In other words "a lottery". Again, this is a training mill. Any job that is good keeps their employees and don't run training 12 times a year.
—Guest Guest Tony

LOVE being a CSP with own IBO

I love my partnership with Arise. Yes is an investment, yes you have to keep learning and training to keep making more and advancing! Is it worth it?? To me it is, I work when I want, as much or little as I want, my metrics are my both, you have to work hard. You have be doing what is required. Like any business owner, I have ensure my computer and equipment is working properly. This is my own responsibility because I am a business owner. It is also my responsibility to pay my own taxes, my own benefits etc..It requires you to be self-sufficient and motivated! I have my own freedom, no boss, no hassle and I am in my own home.. how great is that!!! =)
—Guest MominFL


I worked with a VERY WELL known company under Arise. The client reqiures you to pay for class training. You to train over 8 hours a day to keep up. Gives few hours for you to choose to work after all of this. Then terminates you for not complying with their rules for min hrs to work. Try to find a better company. Find out all the particulars and hold them to your standard as they deny theirs to you.2 1/2 months of class for 4 hrs and 6 hrs of studying. Don't do it
—Guest Real Person

Arise is just fine!

So Arise is a place where some fail and some succeed. I must tell you that Arise is not a cakewalk. Each job is as if you were trained by the big boys and girls in a real building of real estate in the town or in the plaza. You just have to keep in mind that if you do go into it that you are heading towards gainful employment and treat this as your business and bread winner. There are huge issues with NOT studying and not grasping 100% of this training that you will embark upon. If you're setup is proper and you are mindful to get all of the material and do it right, you can make money from home, work when you want and eventually hire someone else and a few others and then take over a nice business. With the concept of jobs running from us, they are using the same technology to bring the jobs back, it's up to the individual to take advantage. Someone in the Philippines would love to take your spot.
—Guest SuperG


They are unprofessional and slow at fix tech issues. They don't care if you are out of work for two weeks. All they care about is themselves. I had a tech issue going on for two week they claim to have escalated for Carnival Cruise line I have not heard anything about it. THey don't care if I am make money or not. You don't get paid to talk to tech support and most of the training course are so expensive. If you need people to work for these clients why am I being charge to train? The whole structure of Arise is terrible they are just trying to take your money.
—Guest Renee

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