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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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Former NCNU worker

I was surprised that they lost AAA NCNU, but I don't feel a bit sorry for them. This company is an agent mill, with the wheel turning and turning. I saw so much crap over the 3 years I took calls for them. Some of the so called facilitators that I interacted with were definitely some of the nastiest people I've encountered in my 35 years of working. I hate to see people lose their income, but maybe it's time this place goes down. Liveops was competing with Arise almost 2 years ago for the NCNU calls.
—Guest Anonymous

Arise will rob you blind

If there is any positive with Arise it would be take the Inutit(Turbotax) certification because they are so desperate for CSP around January that they don't do any Mock calls and that is the cheapest opportunity ever. Anything else don't waste your time nor money because you can't guarantee that they won't fail you and no hours. Take it from me I hope Arise gets everything that is coming to them. They suck! They take your money! They fail you because they know they can't bring everyone on. ex: why have 5 ADT Security certification classes going on at the same time with over 30 people in each pay there money. Now you and everyone reading this knows ADT will not need that many CSP's but Arise takes your money and the majority will fail. If you don't fail then you have no hours then your contract is terminated. If you won't to learn the lesson the hard way such as I did go ahead be my guest. If you do decide to try it take down the web address and phone number so you can make complaint.
—Guest annie

Didn't get anywhere with Arise

I am very disappointed with arise. I had an IBO paid for my training. Did everything that was required, past all my test with 90's and above. I had an emergency with a direct sibling dealing with cancer, so I was not able to take the mock calls or retake to get through for work. Out of 28 people only 11 made it through. However, my IBO promised to help me by getting me a full voucher for another client. I never saw the voucher and then from one day to the next I was dropped by my IBO and also by Arise, there was no warning, no notice. I just couldn't log in anymore and it took me back to the beginning after I invested all this money? they could not even help me or let me know what is going on and why I was dropped? That is totally unacceptable and unprofessional of them. My IBO doesn't get back to me and neither does arise. No one will return my emails AT ALL! Now when I try to get in it started me from the beginning to apply for them, so where is all my information? my original app?
—Guest FloridaResident

Guest Kentucky

Arise is absolutely legit! They are however not your boss. You are your boss. No one else is accountable for your success. Sometimes it takes people a client or two to figure this out. My best advice is to get your own ein number and establish a business in your state. Why pay some leach to represent you and take money out of your pocket for nothing just because you're afraid to have a business? Read! Do the research! Ask the questions. No one gave me step by step instructions and Arise will not hold your hand through the process. They cannot be your personal legal advisor for whatever requirements are necessary in your state to start a business. Know how to use a computer, what operating system you have, how much ram... If you don't understand what i'm talking about this is not the place for you. Don't sign anything until you understand it... This is a great opportunity for people who have some flexibility and want to make their own choices but you gotta have both.

Do not sign up for Rogers

Horrible... The clients they use are horrible for example Rogers!!!!!! With Rogers you go through this extensive training for months and then there's a process called "nesting" that gives you time to learn the process just to be drop at the end of the nesting period. Even if you do everything that your suppose to do and over Acheive their goals.. They will still drop you without any notice or warning. Do not plan on them being your primary source of income if so you will be broke and your family will suffer the financially. So whenever you see Rogers run the other way super fast cause it will be a waste of time and a waste of money please I beg you not to waste your time beloved!!!!!!!
—Guest Cynthia

Approach with caution

If you are someone seeking to become an entrepreneur or want some freedom from the typical "work schedule", then Arise is a starting point. Your pay Never matches your work output, a vast amount of the support staff either ignore you, take a super long time, are very short or hand you off ro someone else if you have an issue. Classes for AT&T in my experience were great because the instructors were helpful but good luck afterwards. You are literally thrown into the shark tank and must swim fast or their evaluations will chew you up(affecting your pay). Each clent has support rooms where there are sometimes 2 "supporters" helping 50-100 people at once(Good luck keeping that customer you are trying to help). Nothing is really concrete and things change ALL OF THE TIME except for tha fact that they will harass you about not meeting hours(there may not be hours available or God forbid something happens to you and you cant get a live person). Its a supplemental job ONLY
—Guest Guest

Do your research

This is not a bad company but they need tons of work. Their technical support team is a joke and forget EVER, EVER, EVER speaking to a live person about an issue. Everything requires a ticket and takes weeks upon weeks to get resolved. Training is great due to the instructors but the systems are HORRIBLE!!! Your pay is always short and no one can give you a clear answer as to why. Should you give them a try? I......don't know. Money can be made but it is really hard to do so with all the technical issues and poor management.
—Guest WFH Mom

So Much Negative. I love Arise

I am setting here reading lot of negative people complaining about Arise and their clients. I am my own IBO and been working for Arise with my client for almost a year now. I never once had any problems with Arise or my client I am servings for. Yes, they do have down time, but I am still getting my hours each week. This is not a job or company for everyone. You have to understand, you are working for yourself not a boss. I got hurt from my job and they were not treating me right. Eventually, I started with Arise and got paid each time. If it was not for Arise, I would not be able to work and make a living. If you don't want to spend the money to work from home, then go get another job and stop your negative talk. Grow up people, be adults and don't expect everything to be handed to you on a golden platter. I have dealt with potential csp and hear the samething. That is ok, it was not meant for them or you. stop the talk and get a life
—Guest Pamela

My two thoughts

I notice that there are several posts from people who mention that they were 'chopped' or otherwise had their contracts terminated due to lack of hours. Your relationship with Arise is all detailed in the SOW and both of my SOWs have had clauses in them that state that the IBO/CSP cannot be held at fault if Arise does not have hours available. I am seeing a lot of comments from people who are thinking like employees and not like business owners. You need to know the terms of you SOW inside and out and keep detailed records. If Arise violates your SOW do not hesitate to send a certified letter and reference which section they violated and that you expect them to reinstate you because they had no hours available, etc. Take screen shots to document the lack of hours and include that. Sitting back and being passive isn't getting you anywhere other than losing the investment that you put into yourself.
—Guest IBO Guy

Frustrated IBO

I have been with arise for 3 years now and I am throughly frustrated. First and foremost there is no human interaction at all unless you are required to attend an adobe session for training or open forums. I actually had to reach out to the CEO just to get a response. I struggle with the fact that there is absolutly no way to reach anyone who is supposedly there to help you guide you and give you support and advice and encouragment, and they only way to reach anyone is through email and then it is a decision on their part to actually respond if they want or deem it necessary. I have found a few things I think are a huge problem with they way that they calculate your AHT and what you are actually getting. I will say right now that if you do not meet the requirments of a particular client you will show up at work and guess what no access without notice. The tech support and partner support is a laughing joke, I avoid them at all costs they do not respond. Be very careful!

Arise is awful

First of all they expect you to do when told however when it comes to communicating with these folks they take their time. How is this self-employment when they exploit the folks that work for them. Then do not have an issue with your payment because they will take their sweet time fixing it. I worked and did not get paid bottom line. I am not asking for anything free. I worked, I put in my time, now pay me for my work. I hate this damn company
—Guest Arise OWES me Money

whats your experience working for arise

I started with arise in 2011, 8mths there I started to notice my pay was approx 80% of what it should have been , bad enough that I would work 10 hr days and only paid for 6 due to uncontrollable technical issues on their part, but when I complained I wasignored, then in Jan of 2013 Arise made this new star agent setup that if you meet certain targets you were either bronze silver or gold agent , and that determined how many hrs you could post to work for, seemed Arise did not have the hrs to give each agent the contractual agreement of 20 a week, but then 80% of agents were listed as bronze so when you tried to post for hrs if you didnt post at the min they were released you didnt get 20 hrs for the week, when I pointed out that Arise didnt have the hrs available I received notice my previouse weeks talk time was not meeting requirements, then the same day due to this, I was released from Arise. funny I did not work the week prior cause there was no hrs available.
—Guest judy cere


I have worked with arise and as far as I am concerned they are abusive and arrogant. They don't return emails on client applications and they don't communicate across the board consistantly. They say you are a Independant Business owner but abuse their power by not responding or ignoring legit complaints
—Guest dude

I Love Arise!!

I have been working for this company for several months now and have been very happy. Yes you do have to pay for your training...in my instance I went through 8 weeks of "school" for 4 hrs a day to work for a client. Yes you do have to have lanline internet/phone service and yes you do hav e to pay for your equipment. My expenses were not over 250.00. My IBO that I work under pays me on time as she should and the assistance I get when having problems has been more than exceptional. I really am thankful that I have this opportunity to work from home as I have 3 children. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. And yes it is hard work....learning anything new requires effort and you get out of it what you put in!
—Guest cevans

Fake Support

I have been with Arise for almost a year now. It was all going well, and then I did not renew a contract with one client and decided to go with a different client full-time. I have been with their "partner support" for THREE months trying to get my scorecard corrected. The information displayed still shows my old client, and each time my ticket has been "escalated" it has been "miraculously" resolved and closed out, only to have ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING RESOLVED! Their idea of support is SERIOUSLY lacking! I can't complain about the client I service, because they are only following the rules setup by Arise, but if there is no true support to resolve serious issues then why charge the "technical support fee"! Ludicrious if you ask me.
—Guest disgruntled ibo

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