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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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With Arise for 5 years

I have worked many clients with Arise. My main client is Apple, which pays the most out of all the clients. I came in at the right time. You get out what you put in. The main advice I can give anyone is to have at least your main client then pick up a secondary. At times it is slow season and you can have a back up to pick up the slack. Though I may have to pay for training, this has been the best virtual training. And I have had several clients besides Arise that only operate in self pace with no Adobe room and no instructor. They have the top clients. I have my ups and downs with hours, but that's when your secondary comes in. I also work with 2 other at home companies to pick up slack. I enjoy setting my own hours. I do not like being stuck with a set schedule.
—Guest MOM3

Uneducated people here

One thing I noticed, out of all 311 responses to this article. EVERY single one of the negative responses, especially the ones who went on a rant, typed as if they were uneducated to begin with. One person wrote a 23 line response without a single punctuation. Another wrote the word cuz 7 times in her response, no wonder they are being terminated. Before you go representing multi-BILLION dollar companies, maybe you should take a couple of English and grammar classes.
—Guest mckinneywk

contracting with Arise

A friend of mine introduced me to Arise. She has been with them for 8 years and has no problems. I do believe this can be a good thing depending on the dedication you have for your business!
—Guest guest mom

Arise isnt all they claim to be

IF they offer you a client that uses their ASD ( Arise secure desktop) even if you read carefully and meet all the requirements...they don't list them all intentionally I think...then you cant service the client when your equipement inst compatible...guess who eats the cost of that 169.00 certification class...it isn't arise even though they didn't disclose the entirety of the requirements...it YOU! so if you find a decent company stay away from arise! I am calling Clark Howard lets see if he will still endorse them!
—Guest ACEY

Been with Arise 3 years its been good!

I am an IBO and although I have done clients didnt end up liking I have found overall the experience is great you get what you put in there is pitfalls to every job period. Nothings perfect but they give you the opportunity and you run with it or not! Research the client you want first. U wont like everything who does lol
—Guest Jennifer

what a nightmare

I started with Arise in 2008, excited at first to be an IBO and making money. I certified with a major client, class was costly and very hard to maintain all the info required to certify and pass. I did well at first other than right out of training not getting any hours...things picked up I became very comfortable servicing the client. I did make fairly decent money but I hated the fees and if the client has any downtime they pay you per hour and that sucks, I do agree that the tech support is crap and it takes forever to get an answer from a PF, after servicing the same client for almost 4 years suddenly there were so many new agents that no hours were available again unless you sat on top of your pc and refreshed the hours posting constantly. I was very disappointed towards the end with no hours and all the tech troubles they were having and with so much trouble I wasnt able to meet my SOW, and they cancelled it, even tho I had constantly asked for help, not good!!!1
—Guest kitty kat

Worked with them - It was fine

I worked with Arise in 2007. I didnt have any problems. I had to establish a company and back for a background check. Nothing too crazy. What I didnt like was the company I worked for. I performed customer service for a large named company during the holiday season. The company itself did not provide the reps with good support to handle the problems they had. But Arise seemed fine.
—Guest Kymera99

Customer service representative

I have been with Arise for almost a year and I did not have to pay for the 22 day class. We work from home with our computer and home phone and I choose my hours and get paid bi-weekly over $14.00/hr. with room for advancement. No complaints here.
—Guest Alicia Menchaca


Arise has its Pros like being able to work from home and somewhat set your own schedule. Cons are low paying jobs and they demand perfect, hard to met Metrics. Training classes can be expensive and you can be dropped for one bad test score and be dropped from the class in the first week. And certification course are non-refundable, no matter the reason. Many of the Chat PF's and training instructors are rude and unprofessional when they think they aren't. A bunch of uneducated no it alls who have gotten into theses positions as "instructors" and should not be teaching anything to anyone. Arise definitely needs to pay people more money and stop getting over on the fact that people are home. You should be able to pay more because it eliminates many overhead costs for the company but most clients through Arise barely pays over minimum wage.
—Guest Mrs. BDub

Arise works for me!

I have been with Arise since 1997 when it was called Willow. It has been a blessing for me as a mom being able to stay home with my kids while making money as well. I am my own IBO I have many under me.. I pay for training and would never waste my own money if I thought it was a scam. Some clients are better then others. Yea you have to pass the class to have a job..duh.. who would want someone working if they did not know what they were doing.. I am a QAPF as well as an instructor and make awesome money! As an IBO I do support my CPS and don't have a large fee to be in my IB either. So if you are not willing to pay attention in class and show up on time when you service.. well yea you are not going to be around for long. If you have half a brain and willing to commit to doing the work.. well you are going to do great! It is you who decides if this is going to work for you or not. You will only get out of it what you are willing to put in!

Beware Arise

I have worked for Arise for a long time. Newbies need to be aware according to my records that some 20% of your work time is comp. The company does not pay you while you do double entry record keeping for every reservation you service. Record keeping is done after your calls are complete - in most cases. Also - the company does not pay while you are in their technical support room with a technical problem most often belonging to Arise or their client. An Arise agent can spend hours and hours of comp time in Support. My total average copm time week after week is about 20%. So - for every hour I work I spent 10 min not getting paid. Arise pays when you are talking and servicing a caller. Most agents in my class have left either because they relize the money is lower than they thought and expected and because support services like Tech Support are abysimal. Again - and the agent is paying for that abysimal service.
—Guest Hank

As said before..do your research

This is for people who are determined. You only fail and lose your money if you can't pass certification, but if you participate, do the homework and actually pay attention, you will pass. It's not that hard. I did and I have had no problem with Arise and have paid attention to what is expected per client. This job sounds easy and convenient, but it's not for everyone. I, personally, have had and am still having a great experience with Arise. (I recommend LiveChat over phone servicing).
—Guest GuestCSP

Arise! Your hands hold the future!

As one mentioned: No one else is accountable for your success. This is so very true.. Arise has helped me become my own Entrepreneur. An Independent Business owner, with very little start up cost. With Arise, I have accomplished more than half of my goals such as, again a Business ower, a New Home Owner, a straight "A" college Student, and a mother who now has more time to spend with my kids and family.. I am my own boss.. My next goal is to build the business with Arise and bring on employees.. Yes, Employees! I am the boss. Thanks to Aise formally known as Willow.. Great experiences.. If there was any bad ones, It is because of my own ignorance.. For those of you who this company, It is because you are not cut out to be a business owner and afraid of challenge. Soooo, I challenge you to put put down the negative and make it positive. Finish what you have started with Arise and accomplish your goal with them.. You had/have a goal, otherwise you would have never given them any thought
—Guest truthbheard

Last dime gone!!!

Total rip off, I used my vvery last dime that my son and I had, so I could work and provide. Ha Yea they robbed me blind. There systems continouasly messed up, I provided every time I went to support and alll of this they said I could not test, bc of something that was there fault not mines.

Arise is Legit

First of all, I have worked for Arise for 3 years now. If you are constantly having technical issues, chances are its something YOU are doing wrong, not their fault. Their tech support takes forever and a day to help you but they do help. They always pay me on time and it really depends on which Client you choose that you will succeed in. If you choose AT&T and don't know sales, you will be dropped, like at any other place of employment. AT&T is always open because the opportunity is very difficult but the hours are available constantly. Disney World is another greta Client Opp. Some people have good luck and others do not. Unfortunately for those that do not have the good experience, you feel more inclined to complain about it where Arise has thousands of employees who are very satisfied with their experience.
—Guest Louis
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