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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience Working for Arise?

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Works for Me!

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life, with endeavors in various industries. I first learned about Arise from my sister, who is a work at home mother. She worked in corporate America for several years until she had my beautiful niece. My sister wanted to be able to stay home with her daughter while also bringing in an income; then she found Arise. After seeing her making a good living, while staying at home, I became curious and began the Arise process myself. Now, I have been affiliated with Arise for about 2 years and I must say it was a good choice. I am able to have flexibility with a steady income and I am still able to focus on my other business endeavors.
—Guest Cheyenne Lee

Currently Training in Arise with At t

I have been with arise training for about a week now. It is alot of work but if you want a job and have good work ethic than its nothing, as for whoever it was that was mad they got in her pc, you shouldnt have been doing anything other than work onit anyways it clearly states that it needs to be a work dedicated computer and not to surf sights while at work, so that was your stupid fault. I have been a manager for a corporate chain so most of these complaints seem like they have come from people who have never had a real job. FYI as long as you do your job with AT&T you can make anywhere from 14-16 an hr just starting out and sometimes like last week they have certain days that you can pick up and make $5 more, that would be $21hr if you DO YOUR JOB and FOLLOW THE RULES AND EXPECTAIONS
—Guest Jessica

Arise is a legit an fair opportunity

I don't know any work environment where you don't have people bitching around the water cooler, Arise is no different just a virtual cooler. People keep whining about cost and quite frankly it is all laid out no "hidden fees" on their website. I have been working with Arise for 5 years and I started working under a VSC, and now I own my own VSC and support my agents and I wouldn't change a thing. This is a great opportunity, but make no mistake this is not a job but a business opportunity and investment. And any reliable responsible person can take advantage and make their investment back in their 2nd paycheck. It is not 1000's of $$ as for the client training yea you have to pay for training. The most expensive class is $279 and it gives you your training and guidance, but you get from it what you put in it. And for those who claim that you have to keep paying for training it is because you can't pass your training due to your own issues. Don't ruin Arise for the rest if us.
—Guest Jennifer Creamer

very demanding even though work at home

My SOW was not renewed with ATT. I did not receive any notification, nor did my vsp (my husband). He had to contact partner support to get a status. The communication channel for arise is very limited for an acp. only general topics with partner support, chat rooms only questions regarding cust, performance facilitators only discussions on how you can do better. My pay was suppose to be $10 + an hour for 20hrs a week. I was averaging around $5 an hour for 20hrs a week. because of my good work i was moved to smb dedicated smb. So i should have been paid more since the top performers were put in this group. I have another f/t job in corp america and took the arise job ASSIST with paying for two kids i college. Arise/ATT was too demanding with all of the unpaid monthly training, weekly 1:1 with performance facilitator, weekly townhalls. The only thing i liked about arise was the flexibility to choose my own schedule. I think arise needs to better understand their employees goals
—Guest the jury is out

Arise is a valid business with a SCAM!

I had a payroll problem for over a week and Arise has made ZERO attempts to work on it. They have not paid me in full, but I have had to pay my ACP in full. They are saying there is nothing they can do. I am sure they will not give me interest for the $$ they have been holding on to. I am going to bow out of this sub-par company that preys on people. They will not allow their partners to even speak to them on the phone... SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS... So it is a valid business that SCAMS too.
—Guest Guest

Arise is Not worth it! Stay away!!

yes, I too fell for the program but I got out after less than 2 months on the job. I quit for 2 reasons. 1) because they lied and said the AHT (average handle time) for the calls was 15 min. After taking the course and in production, the 15 minutes changed to less than 3 min. THEY PUT A LOT OF PRESSURE ON YOU WITH THE AHT TIME. When I confronted them with what the add said, which I printed out, they said it was an error. sure!! 2) As I was working one day, waiting for calls I was chatting with a friend of mine in a chatroom that did not belong to arise, about some personal stuff. A supervisor got onto my computer, printed a screen shot of my computer and warned me about talking about my personal business. I was extremely pissed of how they got into MY computer without my permission. Talk about invasion of privacy. Well that did it for me! I quit the same day!! UNINSTALLED everything. I despise this company. I worked for Many at home companies but this one is the WORST!!

Have worked 6 months for Arise

Their computer systems are terrible. For example, I was online 10000 minutes this week, but the slow response on the systems only lets me get paid for 6000; that reduced rate of response causes my low ratings, so I get paid the lowest rate of 19 cents a minute not 28... so I average about $6/hour. After paying for training, Arise fee of $40, and my own expenses for data line and computer, I average less than $5, and some of the abuse I have to take from customers. I keep track of my actual work time and with my actual performance estimated from the few times when the systems are working correctly, Arise cheated me of $975 this last pay period; I was paid 780 when I should have been paid $1755. My supervisor gave me only 2 reviews; supposed to get 6. I was given a poor review of 20% because I said "Thank you for calling Business Care" and was told I was supposed to say "Thank you for calling Small Business Care". They changed swithout notice. Cost me over $330, and not my fault!
—Guest AriseIsBad

No problem

Ive been partnered with arise now for a short time. I have had a wonderful experience. Yes, you have to pay for training, but it's an investment in YOU/YOUR company. If someone wanted to be a RN, they'd have to pay for college, a CPA must pay to take certain exams, and so does real estate agents. A good friend of mine, just paid $500 to take the exam to be a medical coder, and thousands of dollars to take a course. Yes, you have metrics to adhere to, but it's not difficult. I've been in the call center business for 7 years and I have NEVER worked for a company where you have no matrices/goals.
—Guest The Solution

I love arise

All I can say to all this as an ACP myself working under a VSC who is GREAT! I am going to VSC myself in a couple of months as well. Arise is not a scam it is very legit, you can email me to see im a real person lol tashasmith6075@gmail.com. I do have to admit there are some bad VSC's out there, but here is the thing you are working for them so if they rip you off or you have a bad experience with your VSC that is not ARise, arise provides the work. You chose if you want to work directly with arise as a corporation your own business or work for someone else NOT arise directly. So again i cant stress enough if you have a bad experience with your VSC or they keep your money as someone mentioned you need to file a law suit against your VSC not ARISE!!! Find yourself a good VSC before hand and research them and feedback if signing under a VSC is what you wish to do :)
—Guest ACP Tasha

Do not try this

I have tried to stick with Arise for a few years to get my investment back. They have endless turnover, and why? That would be because they get another 200-300 dollars for training. They set strenuous aht and give agents ridiculous tasks to perform within those limits. While saying all the while, stay with the customer until satisfied. I did try, instead of just hanging up on everyone as some other agents did. This fine month I was terminated for not hanging up on the elderly [person] and actually trying very hard to assist. Arise will have another class for this major drug store chain.com retailer and get more newbys. They will get to work about 6-8 months and find a termination notice waiting in their email. Thus, Arise will start the process again, collect class tuition and then release them so there can be a new class--endless--you will actually lose money if you provide quality service. Shameful. Especially when people are so needy for opportunity that they would part with their last dollar
—Guest lucy

So far so good, it is a fair game

I have been training with Arise and ATT and I love it. It is hard, and I almost quit because it demands a lot of brain power, but hey, we are supposed to have that brain power and use it. I have to say, if you are a team player, know how to treat a client, as a client, I see why would ther be any problems. I know what I am getting into, I went to them, they did not offer me candy for rocks, they were clear in the sense that you have to sacrifice to make it, I am doing just that, and in regards to their systems being defective I assure you that is not true, its a matter of knowing how to handle a pc, be willing to understand how it all works and going forward without negativity. Even if I was not to make it past my first client I have to say that Arise sure does have a great system at hand and promises to be an Insource opportunity. All you lazy birds need to realize that without effort and commitment nothing will ever satisfy you. Do not expect any more than what you give.
—Guest Max 18

work for Arise

I worked for Arise and thought it was a great company then one day to my surprise they just cut me off with no for warning half way threw my work contract. I invested alot of time and money to only break even after 5 months of work and training and they never gave me any notice or reason why they let me go.. People beware unless you have time and money to throw away be warned !!!!!
—Guest lost at home


It is the biggest rip off. I worked for 8 yrs and i finally couldnt take another min with them. You are like a puppet you have to say exactly what they want you to say, and if you dont in your evaluations you have points taken off. You have to pay way too much money to them and they can terminate at anytime. They have classes and you have to pay to be certified and if you fail the class you lose your money and no job??? This is the most horrible place to work.
—Guest guest

Arise is absolutely legitimate

I take issue with the author's characterization of Arise as something close to an out and out scam. Arise does not employ people - and this is an important distinction. While many call centers DO have folks as independent contractors nd pay for their training it's my guess that they are doing so innaproppriately. The IRS has very specific guidelines for this, and many companies classify workers that SHOULD be employees as 1099 workers. There are various reasons for doing so. Certifying for Arise can be likened to getting one's electrician's license. If you want to be an electrician, you pay to get certified (licensed) as such, and then you are qualified to look for a job - except an electrician's license is WAY more expensive than certifying for Arise. It cost me under $300 - ACP101 is often free - but I do know that it varies. The clients that Arise gives access to are indeed premier, and the barrier to entry is low, meaning the certification courses are very, very accessible.
—Guest Piedmont365

What a Waste of Time

I completed my certification (I didn't have to pay for it, because Canadians don't have to pay). I wasted weeks and week of training, town halls, meetings, and reading hundreds of emails on training and product updates (which they don't pay you for). When I started to service, I had many many technical issues, which was ongoing for 4 months. The technical support is horrible (they often hang up on you or put you on hold and don't come back at all). They never did solve my problem, which was a simple issue of a password. I eventually gave up out of frustration. Not only that, but hours were rarely available, giving me no chance to even earn a decent income. The management is horribly disorganized. Although I cancelled my contract months ago, they still call and email me, looking for me to service. They have no idea what's going on. Such a waste of time.
—Guest Affie

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