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Readers Respond: Working in a Virtual Call Center? How Did You Get the Job?

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For those with questions about virtual call center jobs (or any other kind of jobs), perhaps some of the best advice comes from others in the field. But many people don't personally know anyone with a virtual call center job. So let's connect, well, virtually. If you're working in a virtual call center let your would-be colleagues know how you got there.

How did you find your job in a virtual call center? Did you apply at many companies? If you've worked at more than one company, why did you change?

How I got my virtual call center job

I started out in the office of a call center then a month later they offered me the work at home job, which is what alot of companies do now. The company merged/bought ours is Transcom and in the US through their Cloud10 corp virtual call center they hire agents directly from home..training is all done online no office to ever go into..while employed there I did some of the training as a trainer online and their resources are pretty good. If you want to work from home I would say check them out 1st because you can virtualy live anywhere in the US and be hired. Even though I'm no longer there I would still recommend them for 1 of the better virtual centers to work for. Heads up... you will be required to have your own PC, headset with microphone and volume/mute button and high speed internet connection and you don't require a phone line because they provide that virtualy through their resources..just google Cloud10 and check it out
—Guest Frank

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