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Readers Respond: What's the Weirdest/Worst Daytime Favor Requested of You?

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When you're at home all day--whether your are working or not--many neighbors, friends, relatives and acquaintances will figure you are available to help out. And maybe, sometimes, you are. Accepting packages or picking up a vacationing neighbor's mail might be OK once in a while, but sometimes people just go to far.

Some requests are just plain out-of-bounds, maybe because they are weird or too frequent or because you barely know the requester. What is the strangest thing someone has asked you to do because you are home during the day?

Is It Raining at My House?

My working mom friend called me one day and wanted to know if it was raining at her house. She lives four doors down. I told her it wasn't raining at my house. She said, "No, I want to know if it's raining at *my* house." She wanted to me to walk down to her house to see if it was raining. I stuck to my original answer. I still have no idea why she wanted to know, and I didn't bother to ask!
—Guest MomOfBoys

Check on the garbage!

Once a neighbor, who works quite far away, emailed me from work to check to see if the trash collectors had come. I figured nothing good could come of this. If they hadn't come, did that mean he wanted me to take his garbage out? If they had come, well what could he do about it if he'd missed it. I just didn't respond.
—Guest Violet
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