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Readers Respond: What's your least favorite school fundraiser?

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School fundraisers (and those for other kids' activities) can overwhelm parents. If your kids go to different schools or are in many activities, you may be hawking a variety of products and attending many events like car washes or silent auctions.

But all fundraising is not created equal, especially for work-at-home moms who don't an office full of people to sell to.

My kids' school has a fish fry every week for six weeks. You'd think that would be my worst, but in fact it's the candy bar sales. I just don't need all that chocolate in my house. what is your least favorite school fundraiser?

Utter corporate SCAM

So glad other loathe these too. They prey on kids and use guilt to sell complete crap products. And the real $ goes to some damn corporation, not the school. It torments the kids too. "Oh kids you like this thing? You want it? Well all you have to do is get people to buy things". Utter emotional torment.
—Guest Dan K

that sugar loaded cookie dough

i absolutely love raw cookie dough, will eat it by the spoonfuls! i am a diabetic trying to lose 150+ lbs, and hate having those buckets of dough hanging around to tempt me!
—Guest gal1956


Wrapping paper and useless gadgets that are way over priced and break the first time you try to use them. Seems like our elementary school uses the same tired fundraiser ever September. How about something new and useful?? Shopping bags?? How about items you could use as Christmas Gifts - beverages, even the good old chocolate bars are better than wrapping paper.
—Guest debbie

Consumer Products

Any (except for magazines that I need) but especially when it involves contests. They "got to have" that flying pig hat-glowing saucer ring-glitter wallet, etc. Junks up the house & the planet. NOT a good message. How about a Silent Auction of recycled items instead? I loved the one I went to & got some nice items, including a few collectibles. It would be faster to list the Best School Fundraisers.

Anything everyone else is selling.

Every school, sports org., dance club, etc always seems to have the same fundraisers. How many tubs of cookie dough do I have to buy?!!
—Guest Lois

I'd say chocolate, too

Yup. While I love chocolate, I don't like the conflict of interest it creates - my son's school doesn't like parents to send treats with lunches yet they'll let them and us hawk giant candy bars. What message does that send? Sheesh.
—Guest Lisa

Pledge, Schmedge

I don't like anything that involves collecting pledges. The only people I feel comfortable having my child hit up are her grandparents.
—Guest Catherine

Any Fundraiser

I am so tired of fundraisers, books, wrapping paper, food, gift cards, candles - you name it! Just tell me what my portion is going to be and I'll fork it over. None of this "We get to keep 20% of the profits!" I'm still paying $20 for something I don't need or want. I'd rather give the $20 to the school and skip the clutter.
—Guest Robin

Gift-Wrapping Paper

Gift-wrapping paper! I only think of gift-wrapping paper 15 minutes before I have to wrap something ... as it should be.

Anything Frozen

I hate when the fundraiser is something like frozen cookie dough or pizzas, that I have to store until I can get them to the buyers. I never have enough room in my freezer, so I'm running all over town delivering the day it arrives whether I really have the time to do it then or not.
—Guest Anne

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