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Personal Touches Put the "Home" in Home Office

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By berrymorin

Personal Touches Put the "Home" in Home Office

A close up of my desk

Where Is Your Home Office? i.e. basement, spare room

Spare room

How Big Is It?


Do You Use Your Office for Anything Besides Work?

Yes, my husband has his hobby desk on the other side of the room.

What's in Your Home Office?

My desk, 2 large dry erasable calendars, phone, headset and personal touches like photos, flowers and our teen's hand sculpture.

My Home Office Works for Me Because...

I love the quiet of this room. It's located towards the back of our apartment. It allows me to focus and be more productive. The light coming through the window gives me energy. And I can see my family members at the front door ~ great inspiration for why I work so hard.

The layout has changed a few times due how things felt. Such as having the phone on the left gives me plenty of room for typing and making notes.

Since I'm right handed I like to have my pens, scrap paper and files on the right for easy access.

I love the large dry erasable calendars. My eyes move up and left to view family and work events.

I have a couple of stress balls that are fun and help a long day breeze by.

What I'd Do Differently

  • My plans for my home office is to add a flat screen in the right corner. I also want to add a decorative fabric memo board on the right wall. That way I can add more family photos, postcards and such.
  • I would also like to include an inspirational wall decal underneath the calendars.

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