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Corner (Home) Office

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By JenVan74

Corner (Home) Office

My "New" Home Office

Where Is Your Home Office? i.e. basement, spare room

The corner of the living room.

How Big Is It?

Not very big - just enough for my computer, printer and photo setup.

Do You Use Your Office for Anything Besides Work?

It's also where I do my beading - but since I bead for "work", (http://beadwork.about.com/) I guess the answer would be no! (Unless you count playing Farmville.)

What's in Your Home Office?

I have three tables - one for my photo setup, one for my laptop, printer and external hard drive, and one for my beading area. I have a few cabinets of drawers that hold my tools, supplies and beads for projects that I am working on. Since my new "office" is right where we put the Christmas tree every year, I'm not sure what we'll do this year!

My Home Office Works for Me Because...

It's in a part of the house where I can access it easily. We do have a finished basement set up as an office, but it's hard for me to work there during the day with my toddler because he just wants to play on the stairs! (There's really no way to close off the stairs - he can climb right over the baby gate now!) But with my office in the corner of the living room, I have good lighting for pictures, and it's easy for me to sneak in a few minutes of work when my son is amusing himself with his books or his toys. I used to work on the dining room table with a small table off to the side with my photography setup, but that meant having to clean everything up at the end of the day so that we could actually eat at the table. This way, I can leave my projects in progress out without having to pack up every single night, and we can still enjoy our family dinners! And it works better than dragging my laptop all over the house - this way, the laptop stays in one place and I don't have to worry about it being damaged.

What I'd Do Differently

  • If money (and zoning and permitting!) were no object, I'd have us put an addition on the living room that could be my little office nook. This way, we wouldn't have to have my office in the living room. I used to work for a woman who had an incredible office in her home - a computer desk ran along the entire length of one wall, and then she had another desk where she did her reading. It was amazing.

Laureen Miles Brunelli, About.com Work-at-Home Moms, says:

Thanks Jen! What a neat home office! Jen is the Guide to Beadwork at About.com http://beadwork.about.com.

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