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Reader Stories: Why Do You Need Full-Time Childcare?


Work at home moms and dads all have different needs when it comes to childcare. However, some people naturally assume that if you work at home with kids you don't need childcare at all, let alone full-time childcare. (Probably the assumption is you're not really working.) But we know better.

Yes, some WAHMs manage to cobble together a part-time child care solution, but for some full-time child care (either inside or outside the home) is necessary.

These parents have outlined what factors influenced their decision to employ full-time childcare while they worked at home.

Two Careers, Four Kids, One Mom: Childcare Needed!

I am very fortunate to have family that helps out with my youngest two. The older two are in school and then after school on some days or at my mother in law's on the other days.So, because it isn't …More

Full-Time Childcare: Better for Kids, Better for Mom

Not only does it financially make sense for us because my income far outweighs the cost of the childcare (even when you count summer camp, which can get expensive!), I enjoy working.Some weeks I don'…More

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