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Reader Reviews: Reviews of Time-Tracking Products

User Rating 3 Star Rating

By LaureenBrunelli

Name of Time-Tracking Product: 



Basic free; premium service option's price, based on usage, allows downloading data, no ads, etc.

What do you use the product track time for? 

Home business

Type of Product: 

Web-based service

How long have you used this product? 

0-6 months

Useful Features: 

Can tag entries for different clients/projects
Web-based service
Multiple users
Can time more than one task simultaneously

My Review 

I use the free version because I don't need to download my data. If I did, I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay $11/mo, which is what it says I would pay based on my usage. It is not the most intuitive web application out there.

But it serves me well enough because all I really need is a time clock for the multiple projects I have going for a single client. I like that you can edit your entries, so if I forget to log in or out I can adjust it.

When I'm done with a project, I just record the total number of hours to my records and invoice. If I needed weekly or daily totals I'd probably find something else.

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