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Reader Review: Working Solutions

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By Thorfromhome

Work-at-Home Call Center Companies

Name of Home Call Center Company 

Working Solutions

How long have you worked there? 

More than a year

Did you have call center experience when hired? 


Was your training paid? 

Yes, training was paid

Were there intial fees (background check, training)? 

No fees

How many hours a week do you work? 

More than 30 hours

How much do you make per hour? 

~$9 per hour. Ongoing costs: High speed Internet, landline phone

My Review 

In my time at Working Solutions, I have worked on both short- and long-term projects.

The training is outstanding, the technical and project management support are very good, and I am not aware of any states that Working Solutions excludes from hiring.

The number of minimum hours on projects can vary, and if a project is highly staffed, it can be a challenge to get more than the minimum hours per week.

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Laureen Miles Brunelli, About.com Work-at-Home Moms, says:

Thanks for the review.

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