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New Corp. Review: Job's OK But There's No Job Security

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By UnhappyWorker

Work-at-Home Call Center Companies

Name of Home Call Center Company 

New Corp

How long have you worked there? 

More than a year

Did you have call center experience when hired? 


Was your training paid? 

Yes, training was paid

Were there intial fees (background check, training)? 

No fees

How many hours a week do you work? 

More than 30 hours

How much do you make per hour? 


My Review 

If you have worked in a call center before, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this job. The Job itself is pretty standard customer support stuff but the one thing I have to warn about is the company. In the current economic crisis, many companies are starting to realize that they can browbeat, terrorize and micromanage their employees with less and less fear of the employee defending themselves because most people are desperate for employment; NewCorp is one of these companies.

Do not ever take time off for illness of yourself or your family, you will lose your job. Do not question the company policies, you will lose your job. Do not expect a team attitude or supportive management personnel, the only thing that matters in this job is that you shut up and answer the phone, never take time off or question anything and if you are so much as one minute late, expect to get publicly shamed for it. I dread going to work every morning but I need this job. I often leave work nearly in tears, stressed out beyond reason and it's not from the calls I'm taking, it's from the people I work for. It is so not worth the $9.50 an hour.

Also, they promised regular pay raises, I have seen none. My evaluations have always been high and I have only ever been late one time that I had to call my supervisor (my son had a seizure and had to be taken to the hospital) and ever since then they treat me like I am a sub standard employee on the edge of losing my job. It's horrible!

I wanted to recommend this job to a friend but now I tell her to run away from this one, far far away and don't look back. I mean seriously, my baby was in the hospital and they told me I had to get back to work within 2 hours or I would lose my job. My uncle died and I didn't dare ask for time off to go to the funeral, I just cried at my desk while I answered the phone and made my apologies to my family. I feel like a slave chained to my desk. I'm even afraid to take a bathroom break.

I thought we were protected from being treated this way in the U.S. When you're desperate for employment, I guess you'll stomach just about anything. If you can avoid it, avoid this job and if you can't, good luck to you.

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