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Reader Reviews : Reviews of Call Center Companies

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You really can't know what it's like to work for a call center company until you've actually done it. The next best thing, though, is to read first-hand reviews of call center companies from people like you. Read these reviews of work at home call center companies. Or if you've got experience with one of them write a review. See reviews of:

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Frustrated, Stressed Out and Lost at 1-800-FLOWERS

You get 5 days of training that is 90% just reading from a training manual. After that you are on the phones trying to figure out how to use screens you really know nothing about. If you need help yo…More

No Help on Technical Issues at Alpine Access

I got hired on back in October. Training was a whirlwind, but my trainer was awesome. Started having trouble with their computer system they sent me. Its called an AIB and its finicky. It would freez…More

Pros and Cons to 1800Flowers

Pros- You can earn unlimited cash during the holiday season when OT is allowed. the staff is very helpful. No start up fee and paid training. And you get to work in your pj's at home.Cons-They should…More

Bad Scores from Customers Got Alpine Access Agent Fired

They are a VERY hard company to work for. They employed me for ATT customer service and I was told by 2 managers that I was hired after the training. I was on the production floor taking calls for 3 …More

Training Not Sufficient at Sykes Home/Alpine Access

Training was not sufficient. Trainer was likable, but too confusing to be training virtually with all of the technical issues experienced by all of us at any given time with Adobe. Training period sh…More

"Thrown in With the Wolves" at Alpine Access

I did enjoy the company. Although I felt like we were thrown to the wolves. Training did lack some education. We went from training on dummy accts to bam your taking real calls in real time. No pract…More

Citicards "Sink or Swim Environment" Teaches Sales Skills

CONS - I started out as a Outbound Sales Associate. It was extremely hard. It was a sink or swim environment. It was cold calling, quota driven and a very competitive work environment. PROS- It taugh…More

Reader: NEW Corp. Is a High-Stress Job

I heard about NEW from a friend who says she loved it. I applied for the job and two brief interviews and got the job. I was told that I would be a customer service representative with some troublesh…More

Tech Issues Drove Agent to Quit During Training at Convergys

This is one of the worst places I have ever worked. The training is awful. I bought all new equipment the fastest internet service and still every day it was a complaint about my equipment. The progr…More

Not Enough Hours at American Support, Says Agent

Not enough hours. Times you work less than 1 hour. The meetings would help now and then just to complete a few hours. They have horrible help since they change things around and there's a lot of favo…More

Reader: Training Is Inadequate; Courtesy Lacking at Alpine Access

They received 1 star because it would not let me give no stars. I would recommend to stay away from them. Training is not adequate for the positions. Your are told you will have support in chat rooms…More

New Corp Agent: Too Many Calls, Too Little Training

This is a very WHACK job...The training is extremely long & its during hrs where you have no life. The trainers appear not attentive & slow...Some trainers are nice, but in a way where they treat you…More

Stay Away From Arise, Advises Former Agent

Stay away from this company. It does not increase your pay, matter of fact, your pay goes down. There is never any certainty that you will always have work. They cannot hold on to clients longer than…More

Money Spent at Arise Doesn't Add Up to Pay

I have worked for Arise for 4 years, in the 4 years I have taken 5 classes and spent a total of $1065.00 to find out that I never got more than 10-15 hours a week and had to sit at the computer and w…More

Reader: Ver-a-Fast Customers Are Rude, Agents Underpaid

The customers were extremely rude and vulgar and no matter how long or how often I put hours in to work the income was grossly underpaid for the work that was being done. The training for this positi…More

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