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Reader Reviews : Reviews of Call Center Companies

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You really can't know what it's like to work for a call center company until you've actually done it. The next best thing, though, is to read first-hand reviews of call center companies from people like you. Read these reviews of work at home call center companies. Or if you've got experience with one of them write a review. See reviews of:

Costs at Arise Are "Ridiculous"

Arise Virtual solutions is a company where you can make money at home however the cost to get started is ridiculous, training by the clients are horrible and different times throughout the year you c…More

Arise Fails to Investigate Problems, Say Reader

This company is basically a facilitator to help you work for other companies. It's not always arise who's at fault but they won't PROPERLY investigate any problems with AT&T end user care mobility un…More

1-800-Flowers Reviewer: Good Company, Bad Pay

800 flowers is a good company to work for overall. Some people with holiday titles can make it uncomfortable by being overly zealous (HSS) But out of the 4 season I worked I only had one. The other 3…More

New Corp. Review: Job's OK But There's No Job Security

If you have worked in a call center before, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this job. The Job itself is pretty standard customer support stuff but the one thing I have to warn about is the com…More

CenturyLink: Good Experience Despite Bad Manager

had previous call center experience and this was great getting a work at home position, no travel no expense of car or gas.Yes you had to purchase their equipment and use their service of phone and i…More

Arise.com Review: Income Doesn't Offset Costs

All the negative comments are true. They want you to pay too much to certify, they dont care about you. You cannot talk to them, inadequate ways of communication place in order to confuse you. This i…More

Sutherland Global

Excellent work environment, the training was exceptional. Started out on a seasonal program and then was offered a permanent position on another program. Two weeks actual training and one week nestin…More

Arise Agent Couldn't Get Enough Hours

Although while investigating this company before I signed up nothing prepared me for what I found. I was ok with being an independent contractor as I actually started under another company that was a…More

Arise: Per-Minute Talk Time Doesn't Add Up

STAY FAR AWAY!!!!! I currently work for Arise and i HATE IT!!! It is so not worth the money that you have to put into it!! First you pay 12.99 for a background check. Then 99.99 for an arise class. T…More

Apine Access: More Sales Calls Than Expected

They make the bonus system impossibly difficult to hit.They also promote people that don't necessarily have the best people skills so the way you are treated is not a company wide policy. Rather it d…More

Reader Happy at Alpine Access

I have worked with this company for over 3 years and have found them to be outstanding. All training is paid for, they have excellent clients, we provide top notch customer service, chance for advanc…More

Reviewer Says Better Companies Than Arise Out There

I dropped out of the program after paying for the background check and the class. Once I started the class I found out it would cost more and more money. There are a lot of requirements that aren't d…More

Convergys: Not Very Accommodating

Convergy's does a criminal background check as well as a drug screening test for all employees, which is paid by the company. There is also 6 weeks of paid training at 9.00 per hour. The training is …More

Never Hired at West-at-Home; Lost Unemployment Benefits

Actually, I never worked there. West-at-Home reported to the employment bureau that they had "hired" me, thereby disrupting my benefits. But they never answered my email inquiries, there was no telep…More

"Don't Do It" Says Arise Agent

I would never advise anyone to work for this company, they are very smart at how they do things... I worked for them for a few months and during that time never could you speak to anyone of importanc…More

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