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FlexjobsApril 09, 2013 By brenda216
Bachelor's, Masters or Ph.d degree or don't bother!
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Meh...August 31, 2012 By alfucito
I get the point of this site and I like the concept; you're paying to have convenient, telecommuting jobs listed in one central place. If you're looking to telecommute, this TYPE of site would be great... the only problem is that this site fails to deliver anything worth paying for. I paid 15 dollars for one month, just to see what they had, and I'm very disappointed. Much of the jobs they have on there aren't actually telecommute jobs, but are part time jobs (who would pay to find a part time job?). And as for the telecommute jobs: 9 times out of 10, they're ""telecommute within *insert city here* area, so you're still confined by a geographic location, and it's not the type of telecommute job you're really looking for (or at least not the type I'm looking for). I'm not renewing after this month, to say the least.
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Don't botherMay 30, 2012 By funny.nurse
If you read the ad for Flexjobs.com you would think that the employers are flexible in their requirements for hours, location and travel. NO it means that the employee needs to be flexible. The majority of the jobs are for highly educated professionals in the education field or require 80% travel. Please don't waste your time or money.
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