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Work From Home Scams

Working from home is such an appealing idea that an unscrupulous few have come up with an endless number of work from home scams to swindle those who just want to spend more time with their families. Use these resources to spot the work from home scams.

What's a Legitimate WAHM Job and What's Not?
When getting started working from home, figuring out which work-at-home jobs are legitimate, and which are not legitimate, can be tough. But as you cull through the many Internet job postings and ads, a pattern of deception becomes clear.

How to Spot a Work-at-Home Scam
Using common sense and keeping in mind these tricks that Internet con artists commonly use to lure people to their work-at-home scams is the best way to avoid getting ripped off.

Whats the Deal with Google Work at Home Jobs?
Are the Google work-at-home jobs found on the Internet and in emails scams or are they for real? Find out here.

Work at Home Job Scams
Work-at-home scams typically fall under several variations on a few themes. Some are pure cons while others are simply poor money-making opportunities. This list of possible work-at-home scams outlines both types.

Data Entry Scams
Trying to tell data entry scams from legit data entry jobs takes careful research and common sense. Common sense tells you that data entry jobs that promises big money are, in fact, a data entry scams. Careful research will help you locate legitimate work at home opportunities by eliminating these and other scams.

How to Report a Scam
Find out how to report a scam because if you don't you have no chance of getting your money back and it will happen to someone else.

FTC Business Opportunity Rule
The FTC Business Opportunity rule currently covers business opportunities that involve an investment of more than $500 on the part of the purchaser. Recently FTC staff has recommended that the current Business Opportunity Rule be expanded to include work-at-home business opportunities like craft assembly and medical billing, which often fall...

Find a State Attorney General Office
This list of the attorney general office in each state (Washington, DC and U.S. Territories included) should remain constant. A state’s attorney general is an elected official, so the person holding the office will change over the years. However, the attorney general office (AGO) itself is a part of state government and contact information should remain the same.

What Is a Pyramid Scheme?
Learn how to recognize this illegal business structure.

Work-at-Home Jobs Advertised on Google and Other Search Engines
Google Ads, promoting work-at-home opportunities, appear on most pages of this website. Many of these ads are not offering legitimate opportunities.

Can You Spot a Work at Home Scam?
Work at home scams can be tricky to detect. And while many people may not have lost money to questionable work at home opportunities, some have. Others have lost time to a venture that never paid off. Some work at home jobs advertise big money for little effort. But in reality, a whole lot of time only brings in a small amount of money.

Work-at-Home Scams
Alison Doyle, About.com's Guide to Job Search, gives tips on how to tell the legitimate job opportunity from the scam.

How to Avoid Internet Business Opportunity Scams
Stay one step ahead of the con artists looking to separate you from your hard-earned money. Laura Schneider, About.com's Guide to Tech Careers, lets you in on their secrets.

MLM or Pyramid Scheme?
Legitimate home businesses that often appeal to work-at-home moms, like Mary Kay Cosmetics and The Pampered Chef, are mulitlevel martketing (MLM) business opportunities. But so are fraudulent pyramid schemes. Susan Ward, About.com's Guide to Small Business/Canada, differentiates between the two.

6 Questions to Check Out a MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity
Once you've determined that a multilevel marketing (MLM) business is legit and not a pyramid scheme, is it right for you? Scott Allen, About.com's Guide to Entrepreneurs, gives you 6 questions to mull before investing time and money.

The Top 10 Internet/Email Scams
While not all these hoaxes listed by Paul Gil, About.com's Guide to the Internet for Beginners, are work-at-home scams, many nonetheless try to lure those who want to earn money from home.

Mystery Shopper Scam
Judy Hedding, About.com's Guide to Phoenix, advises readers on how to tell if a mystery shopper opportunity is legitimate.

Can You Make Money Stuffing Envelopes From Home?
Wondering how to make money at stuffing envelopes? Find out if it is even possible.

Mystery Shopper Scams
Mystery shopping can be legit, but there are a lot of mystery shopper scams out there.

Scam or No Scam: Are These Legit Jobs From Home?
Read up on 6 potential work-at-home scams so you can tell what's a scam and what's legit?

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