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Join a Gym With Child Care

Work-at-Home Mom Tip #4


Join a Gym with Child Care

Part-time, work-at-home moms who have young children but don't have child care help should consider a membership to a gym with child care.

Bring along your laptop and sit in the lobby after your workout. If you have a wireless card or can tap into the gym's wireless, you can work right there. Even if you can't get online, you can work on something that doesn't require an Internet connection. And if you don't have a laptop, you may find that taking an hour of quiet time to organize your week or writing checks will lighten your load.

Most gyms with child care have a time limit, and some charge extra for it, but it can still be a worthwhile expenditure. Many gyms with child care facilities also offer moms-day-out babysitting services for a fee.

Yes, for what you pay for a gym membership and possibly the extra fees, you could probably hire a sitter, but think of the added benefits:

  • You'll get more exercise.
  • Your child will have fun playing with other kids.
  • You'll enjoy a little quiet time.
  • Your gym may have a pool that you and child can use together.
  • Both you and your child will enjoy getting outside the house for a change of scenery.

I joined a gym with childcare when my children were young. I didn't have a laptop, but when I had an article to write, I found that peace and quiet were more valuable than a word processor. I would write it out on paper, and later amid the chaos of the household, I would mindlessly type up what I had written.

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