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Organize an Art Space for Your Kids

Work-at-Home Mom Tip #18


Art can keep some kids busy for hours, but setting up and then cleaning up art projects can take hours for mom. So organizing kids art supplies into a more or less permanent art space for children makes art a more practical activity for kids of work-at-home moms. When kids can easily find everything they need in one spot they will be more likely to start a project.

If your child is young, you may want the art space close to or inside your office. But, in general, keeping kids art supplies away from your office (which might look like an art supply store to little ones) will mean more productivity for you.

The space can just be a corner of the kitchen, playroom or a bedroom, but you'll want it to be a place that it's OK to get a little messy. Kids should understand limits on the mess and should clean up after themselves, but accidents do happen. (If you choose a carpeted area, consider putting down an old area rug or tarp.) Use shelves or bins to organize the supplies.

Ideas for What to Put in the Art Space:

  • Table, large desk or easel
  • Paper...and lots of it! - plain paper, colored paper, scrap paper, lined paper, sketch books
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils, pastels
  • Glue - glue sticks are good for little ones, but school glue or craft glue may be more useful to older kids
  • Scissors, depending on your child's age - if your child is too young to cut independently cut in advance for him or her or keep safety scissors at your desk so you can oversee cutting
  • Paints and brushes - these can get messy for little kids, so you may want to save the paints for when you can supervise more closely
  • Foam pieces, craft kits, glitter, card board boxes
  • Chalk and chalkboard, dry erase board
  • Wet wipes, paper towels, rags, old newspapers, vinyl tablecloth
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