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Data entry, translation and writing, using in a crowdsourcing platform

Company Description:

Global company uses crowdsourcing to distribute microtasks (aka microlabor) in fields such as writing, translating, data entry and research to more than 300,000 "clickworkers" worldwide. The company's clients--which include Honda, Groupon, PayPal and T Mobile--contract with it to have a larger project completed and then Clickworker breaks the project down in to smaller tasks, which can be completed by many different freelance workers.

Types of Work-at-Home Opportunities at Clickworker:

As is typical in crowdsourcing marketplace micro jobs, the freelancers at Clickworker choose small tasks from the pool of available projects. What tasks are available for a freelancer to choose from is based on the qualifications of that freelancer. Qualifications are determined by his or performance on assessments and on previous work completed.

The types of services performed by Clickworker's freelancers for its clients include:

  • Writing:
    • SEO text creation and optimization for online marketing
    • Product descriptions and the categorization of products in e-commerce
  • Data Entry and research:
    • Structuring large amounts of data by categorizing and indexing
    • Categorization and tagging of videos, audio content, image
    • Address enrichment, data validation and online research for databases
    • Data verification and research
  • Translation

Pay and Benefits:

The company states "On average, we expect that a clickworker earns $9.00 per hour." However, workers are not paid by the hour; payment is on a per piece basis, which means this could vary significantly depending on how fast a freelancer can work. Workers receive a fixed fee for each job completed. According to the company, fees "can range anywhere from a few cents to double-digit Euro sums." The company pays in either Euros or US dollars.

Because Clickworker hires independent contractors, there are no benefits and no guarantee of minimum wage for workers. (Read more about how and what data entry companies pay.)

Payment is made on the 7th or 8th day of the month (or the first non-weekend day after that) for money earned as of the last day of the previous month. You will need to have earned €10 or $10 USD in order for a payment to be processed.

Qualifications and Requirements:

There are very few requirements for Clickworkers. You must be legally able to work in the jurisdiction where you live and have a computer with Internet access. If you live in the United States you must be age 18, but this requirement may vary based on legal age in your country. However, workers must also pass assessments in order to have access to work.

The company hires worldwide, but you must have a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country or have a valid PayPal account and that can accept payment. (See more WAH jobs hiring globally.)

Applying to Clickworkers:

Depending on your language preference, choose the the website: Clickworker in English or Clickworker in German. Choose the "For Clickworkers" tab and hit register. Fill out the basic information of name, address and email and agree to the terms of service. You will receive an email with a link to log in to Clickworker. You will then have to take assessments to see which projects you can work on.

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