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Online Jury Companies


Find a job on an online jury and pick up some extra cash for weighing in with your opinion. Sign up up with these online jury companies. For more information about how online juries work, see this online juror FAQ.


Online Jury Jobs Legitimate Work From Home Jobs
Sign up to evaluate a lawyer's case as a juror would and get paid $5 - $10 per case.



Register to be a mock juror and then get paid from $5 to $50 to render your opinion on a lawyer's case.


Act as a prospective juror and review cases for payment of $20 to $60 per case. Sign up and when your profile matches a lawyer's need you will be invited to sit on the "virtual jury."

Trial Practice.com

Sign up to be a mock juror and get paid $100-$150 if you are selected. However, this is not an online review of a case but a live one so you would have to travel outside the home for the 8-10 hour session.


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