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Work at Home Artistic Jobs

Artistic Jobs in photography, illustration, graphic design and more


Marian Heath

Greeting card company accepts submissions for everyday greetings as well as holiday art and some humor.

Nature Friend

Monthly magazine purchase nature photography from freelancers.


Artists, Cartoonist
Artist's guidlines for greeting card company call for "fresh and fun-looking artwork in any media and style. Also, sophisticated, funky cartoony-type art (people and/or animals) with or without words. Color work is best."


Take pictures of homes on the real estate market. Amateurs accepted.


Artists, Illustrators, Photographers
Greeting card and stationary company purchases from freelance artists a range of materials from graphics, traditional, whimsical, humor and contemporary pieces to photography.

Recycled Paper Greetings

Freelance artists can submit artwork along with a message for consideration for greeting card company. Does not accept electronic submissions.

The Sun Magazine

Writers, Photographers
Pay ranges for freelance writing assignments (essays, interviews, fiction and poetry) from $300 to $2,000. One-time use of photos pays $100-$500.
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