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Dot Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how sites with the Dot Jobs (.jobs) domain can help your job search.


While not exactly new, the Dot Jobs Internet domain (.jobs) went through significant changes in 2011--all of which make it more useful to the job seeker.

What Is Dot Jobs?

Dot Jobs

Dot Jobs is the Internet domain with URLs that end in .jobs extension. It is also shorthand for a project led by nonprofit DirectEmployers Association, a consortium of major U.S.employers, to create a unified platform for companies to post job openings. Companies use the dot jobs (.jobs) extension to create websites (e.g., pepsico.jobs) to advertise their job openings.

What Is Dot Jobs Universe?

Dot Jobs Universe
Dot Jobs Universe

The centerpiece of this project is the Dot Jobs Universe site (universe.jobs), which acts as an index for the sites on the domain. The Dot Jobs Universe site pulls together a network of 40,000 new sites (e.g., usa.jobs or callcenter.jobs) that together server as an index for the global collection of job postings on the dot jobs domain.

Until the creation of the universe.jobs site in early 2011, job seekers, who focused on more than one company (as most do), would find it difficult to navigate among the individual company sites.

How Do I Use Dot Jobs in My Job Search?


To search geographically, type "universe.jobs" in your browser. This brings you to a world map where you can choose a country for a jobs search. For instance, click on the United States, and it will zoom in to a map of the U.S. where you can choose by state. Or bypass the map go directly to the usa.jobs site for a nationwide job search.

To search by job type, either type in a URL--for instance, try accountant.jobs or callcenter.jobs--or use the search box to narrow your geographic search with a keyword.

Can I Use Dot Jobs to Find a Telecommuting Postion?

Universe Jobs

Yes, but because the index websites are set up by position and location, it is not simple. The domain is filled with job postings from major companies, many of which offer telecommuting positions. The way to find them is to do a telecommuting-related keyword search of an index site. However, some keywords work significantly better than others at narrowing a search for telecommuting jobs.

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