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TeleCommuting Jobs

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Update: TelecCommuting Jobs has merged with FlexJobs. See FlexJobs review.

The Bottom Line

Low-cost subscription service job board TeleCommuting Jobs mostly offers telecommuting job leads that could be found elsewhere for free. But the convenience of finding telecommuting leads in one place and the filtering out of work at home scams along with the low price make it a worthwhile expense for those starting out in the telecommuting job hunt.

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  • Most of each job listing is shown to non-subscribers
  • Only $15 a year, inexpensive as subscription services go
  • Work-at-home scams filtered out


  • Job listings not exclusive, most are taken from free sources elsewhere
  • Clunky interface
  • Job postings not dated


  • Each listing is shown almost in entirety to non-subscribers. Only the specific company and application info is left out.
  • A few listings are from employers who pay to advertise on Telecommuting Jobs, but the majority come from other free sources.
  • The interface seemed dated, though functional. TeleCommuting Jobs has been in business for 13 years; its web design shows it.

Guide Review - TeleCommuting Jobs

Update: TelecCommuting Jobs has merged with FlexJobs. See FlexJobs review.

TeleCommuting Jobs has been acquired by FlexJobs.com. Read review of FlexJobs.com.

When looking for a telecommuting job, the question whether (and how much) to pay for job leads is always out there. Paying for anything related to work at home jobs leaves you open to getting caught in a work at home scam.

Paying for access to a telecommuting job board can help you avoid scams and save time by filtering out the questionable offers that pop up on non-subscription job boards. Most of the reputable ones like Telecommuting Jobs show you most of the job listings for free. So you have a good idea of what you're paying for before you do pay.

At $15 for a yearly subscription, Telecommuting Jobs is relatively in expensive. Some subscription telecommuting job boards charge that much for a monthly fee. But you get what you pay for. Telecommuting Jobs offers fewer listings than other telecommuting job boards.

Listings were not dated so it was difficult to tell how fresh the leads were. But during the period I reviewed it a few (maybe 1-4) new listings appeared in each of its nine job categories every business day.

Categories included:

  • Data Entry/Transcription
  • Customer Service
  • Artists/Graphics/Design/Photographers
  • Programmers/Engineers/IT
  • Sales
  • Web Designers
  • Writers
  • Other Skills
Many of the jobs listings were to postings on the employment pages on websites of companies that hire telecommuters. Others were to job boards like Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com. A very small amount were listings paid by employers to be on TeleCommuting Jobs.

I was given free access to do this review, but I would consider paying for this service, just because it is so inexpensive, if I were actively looking for telecommuting work.


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