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What Is universe.jobs?


Definition: universe.jobs (aka Dot Jobs Universe) is a website that functions as an index for the .jobs Internet domain. The dot jobs domain has existed for many years. Companies use it to create websites to advertise job openings. However, until the creation of universe.jobs in 2011, navigating among the individual company sites was difficult.

The Dot Jobs Universe site pulls together a network of 40,000 new sites that serve as an index for the global collection of job postings on the dot-jobs domain. The new sites break the job postings down into useful categories sorting by profession (e.g., editor.jobs) and place (e.g., cincinnati.jobs).

Typing "universe.jobs" in your browser brings you to a world map where you can choose a country for a jobs search. For instance, click on the United States, and it will zoom in to a map of the U.S. from which you can choose a state. Or bypass the map go directly to usa.jobs for a nationwide job search. Here you can type in a keyword search for your job search. More on How to Use Dot Jobs Universe

Go to: universe.jobs

Alternate Spellings:
Dot Jobs Universe
.jobs universe
Universe Jobs
Common Misspellings: universedotjobs
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