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What Is the .jobs Domain?


Definition: .jobs (aka dot jobs) is an Internet top level domain (TLD). Like .com, .net, .gov and .edu, the dot jobs domain is the last part of a URL, or Internet address. The .jobs domain is operated by the nonprofit DirectEmployers Association, a consortium of major U.S. employers.

Companies use this domain to create webpages with jobs listings. Most of the company sites on the .job domain redirect to the companies' existing careers sites. For instance, if you type pepsico.jobs into your browser you will be taken to www.pepsico.com/Careers.

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Until 2011, the domain only used company names in its URLs. The dot jobs domain has been in existence since 2005; however, in 2011 a new platform called .jobs Universe (universe.jobs) allowed more than company names to be used to create URLs. In this new platform jobs are also sorted by location and type using the .jobs domain. More on How to Use Dot Jobs Universe.

Also Known As:
dot jobs
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universe jobs
universe dot jobs
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