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How do I find job postings using Dot Jobs Universe?


Question: How do I find job postings using Dot Jobs Universe?
Answer: Dot Jobs Universe (universe.jobs) is the index website for the Internet domain dot jobs (URLs end in .jobs extension). Unlike other domains such as .com or .net, searching for sites on the dot jobs domain with a search engine, such as Google, won't typically yield many results. However, these websites are filled with job postings from major companies all over the world.

In order to find sites on this domain, job seekers need to use Dot Jobs Universe and its 40,000 related index sites.

Search Dot Jobs Universe by Location

Type "universe.jobs" in your browser. This brings you to a world map where you can choose a country for a jobs search. For instance, click on the United States, and it will zoom in to a map of the U.S. from which you can choose a state. And in turn the states' sites have links to index sites for major cities. (In other parts of the world, you'll get a continental map that zooms in by country.)

You can use dot jobs Universe to access these city, state or country sites or you can bypass the map go directly to index sites by typing in usa.jobs or maryland.jobs or orlando.jobs.

Search Dot Jobs Universe by Profession

Within these geographically organized sites you can type keywords in the search box to narrow your job search by position type. This will return results that have your search term anywhere in the job posting. However, many professions and industries have their own index websites. For instance you can type in callcenter.jobs for a nationwide list of call center jobs. From there you can choose from lists of link to narrow the search by company, job title or state.

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