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Work at Home Careers

Some jobs, businesses and companies are better suited to the home office. Explore some of the home-base job opportunities for work-at-home moms.
  1. Accounting / Financial (8)
  2. At-Home Medical Jobs (33)
  3. Call Centers (130)
  4. Data Entry & Transcription (30)
  5. Editors and Writers (16)
  6. Education and Tutoring Jobs (19)
  7. IT & Tech Jobs (11)
  8. Insurance (14)
  9. Internet/ Web Design (13)
  10. Language/Bilingual Jobs (22)
  11. Legal Jobs (7)
  12. Micro Jobs, Crowdsourcing & Online Gigs (13)
  13. Sales (6)
  14. State by State WAH Resources (4)
  15. WAH Resources (66)
  16. Work-at-Home Companies (149)
  17. Work-at-Home Seasonal Jobs (5)

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs by Industry
Find legitimate work from home jobs by searching these jobs by industry.

Top Telecommuting Companies
"Telecommute friendly" is a label that gets overused. After all, anyone can pin that label on a company that has a telecommuting policy. These major corporations have a proven track record when it comes to allowing--or really encouraging--telecommuting.

Using Dot Jobs Universe in Your Job Search
Job listings in the dot jobs domain do not index quite the same as other websites. The dot jobs Universe site site as an index for the domain. Find out how to use the dot jobs universe (universe.jobs) website in your job search.

Global Work-at-Home Jobs
These companies hire globally for work at home jobs. However, not every one hires in every country, but it's a good place to start.

How to Make Extra Money Working at Home
These 9 ideas about making extra money at home are about making a little extra cash, not necessarily paying the mortgage, but they can be a great place to start.

Work-at-Home Job Profile: Google Ads Quality Rater
A Google ads quality rater is one of the only legitimate work from home jobs that Google offers. This profile outlines the requirements and application jobs of these often bilingual work at home jobs.

Free Online Typing Tests and Practice Files for Transcription
Find out if you type fast enough to work in transcription or data entry from home with these free online typing tests.

Work-From-Home Jobs in Canada
This is a list of legitimate work from home jobs in Canada. Fields range from teaching and software development to call centers and translation.

Work-at-Home Jobs for Veterans, Reservists and Military Spouses
These companies are military friendly employers as well as and telecommuting friendly.

Work-at-Home Call Center Employment
If you're interested in call center employment--rather than working as an independent contractor, these virtual call center companies hire employees not contractors.

Virtual Career Fair FAQ
What is a Virtual Career Fair? A virtual career fair (sometimes called an online job fair) is on online ”event” in which employers and job seekers each meet in a virtual environment, using chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts, webinars and/or email to exchange information about job openings. Job seekers upload resumes and may be matched with...

Careers for Work at Home Moms
When trying to make the shift from the office to home-based work, the first place to look is at your current career. Assess your skills, professional experience and current position.

Work-at-Home Writing Jobs
Writing is an extremely versatile profession. Writing jobs run the gamut from freelancing for consumer magazines to self-publishing on the Internet. Typically work-at-home writers and editors work as freelancers. However, some companies do hire telecommuting employees for writing jobs.

Work at Home Call Center Jobs FAQ
If you'd like a work at home call center job, start by researching potential companies carefully. Find out how they pay, how much they pay and what fees are or are not reasonable in a home call center position.

Work-at-Home Nursing Jobs
The companies on this list hire work at home nurses in jobs such as case management and telehealth.

List of Work-at-Home Call Center Jobs
The companies listed, which include 1-800-FLOWERS, GE, Amazon, Apple and Hilton Hotels, hire work-at-home call center agents as independent contractors and as regular employees.

BPO Jobs from Home
This list of BPO jobs from home includes positions in call centers, data entry, translation, medical coding and billing.

What's a Legitimate WAHM Job and What's Not?
When getting started working from home, figuring out which work-at-home jobs are legitimate, and which are not legitimate, is the first step. As you cull through the many Internet job postings and ads, a pattern of deception becomes clear.

FlexJobs.com promises scam-free, personally reviewed telecommuting job leads, and it delivers. But whether there are enough to justify the fee would depend on your line of work and desire to find a telecommuting job.

Working from Home in Science
About.com's Chemistry Guide gives an overview of what it is like to work from home in science careers.

Work at Home Artistic Jobs
Many of the work-at-home artistic jobs found on the web are for beginners. They are good ways to pick up extra cash, build a portfolio or sharpen skills. But this list of at-home artistic jobs also includes freelance opportunities for experienced artists. And while many experienced artists may prefer to start a craft business or a home...

Who Works at Home?
Though it’s easy to think of work-at-home moms as a new phenomenon, women have earned income from home while raising children for centuries. Today, the many types of jobs for work-at-home moms reflect the diversity of careers now available to women.

Using Dot Jobs to find a Telecommuting Job
The Dot Jobs (.jobs) domain is filled with job postings from major companies, many of which offer telecommuting jobs. Unfortunately there's no simple way to locate these work at home jobs because the main index for the sites,.jobs Universe, is arranged by location and by position type. That said, the site is a treasure trove of job opportunities...

Dot Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

While not exactly new, the Dot Jobs Internet domain (.jobs) went through significant changes in 2011--all of which make it more useful to the job seeker. Learn more about Dot Jobs and how to use it.

What Is universe.jobs?
What is universe.job and how can it help you find a job? Find the definition and links to more resources about .jobs universe.

What is .jobs?
.jobs (or dot jobs) is an Internet domain in which companies can build a jobs websites for free. Users can search .jobs for free sorting by location or job type.

How to Spot a Work-at-Home Scam
Don't be fooled. Know the signs of a work at home scam before you start looking for work.

Job Profile: Home-Based Call Center Agent
Work-at-home telephone agents handle in-bound and/or out-bound telephone calls for companies that either utilize their services themselves or contract to provide telephone support services for others. Find out more about the salary, skills and education of call agents who work from home.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs
Jennifer Wolf, About.com's Guide to Single Parenting, gives some tips for parents thinking about working from home as well as lists some companies that hire home-based workers.

Online job fair - Tips for a Virtual Job Fair - Online Career Fair
If you're attending a an online job fair, you'll want to get the most out of it--just like a real-life job fair. How can you maximize the number of contacts you make at an online job fair while putting on a professional--albeit virtual--presentation?

Work-at-Home and Telecommute Job Opportunties
Randy Duermyer, About.com's Guide to Home Business, maintains this weekly list of work-at-home job openings.

About.com's Job Search
Search this database of national job listings for your field of work with "telecommute" or "work at home" as additional keywords.

Virtual Vocations Editors Corner
Though you must pay for VirtualVocation.com's telecommuting job leads subscription service, its "Editors Corner" offers many free articles that home-based workers will find helpful.

Does your resume need a little improvement? If you're stumped on what to do, this professional resume-writing service can help.

National Telecommuting Institute
NTI maintains a database of work-at-home jobs available to Americans with disabilities.

Rat Race Rebellion
Virtual-careers training company Staffcentrix offers screened work-at-home and telecommute job leads in all kinds of fields.

Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS)
FORTUNE 500 company, owned by Xerox, provides business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology solutions. Company offers part-time employment (paying $10/hr) for home call center agents, bilingual (Spanish) preferred. Use "work at home" a keyword in company's careers database.

Granada Corp.
Company hires call center agents (particularly bilingual) to work from home in these employment positions

BPA Quality
College degree is required for B2B sales jobs from home.

Work at home call center agents make appointment-setting and business-to-business sales calls for this Houston-based company. A commitment of 20 hours per week is required. Training is paid. Pay, much of which depends on sales performance and clients, is $12 to $28 per hour.

Aim-for-A Tutoring
Online tutors teach a variety of subjects (including math, science, and English) to students around the world that range in age from elementary school to college. Teaching experience and a college degree in subject taught are required.

When Is the Best Time to Find a Job?
This month-by-month look at hiring throughout the year offers seasonal hiring trends that can help you narrow down the best time to search for a work-at-home job.

Where to Find Online Teaching Jobs
The types of online teaching jobs available vary widely. Look here for jobs from from instructing college-level, distance learning classes or writing adult ed online courses to K-12 online tutoring and foreign language teachers.

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