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Telework Definition


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Definition: Telework means to work from a remote location, often a home office, by electronically linking to a company. Often it is used as a synonym for telecommute, which more strongly implies working from home more than teleworking does.

Like telecommute, the word telework implies employment (though working off-site).

However, the telework can apply to off-site independent contractors, who are not employees.

The word telework has become more popular as an alternative to telecommute because it puts the emphasis on the work (the benefit to the employer) rather than the elimination of the commute (the benefit to the employee). The U.S. Federal Government uses the word teleworking rather than telecommuting.

But even though telework is more popular than it once was, that doesn't necessarily make it a good keyword to use when using Internet search engines. For more on job search keyowrds, See Keywords for Finding a Job Online.

Also Known As: telecommute, telecommuting, remote work, work from home, work at home, e-commuting, e-work

Alternate Spellings: tele-work

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