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Telecommute Definition


Woman working from home AMV Photo/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Definition: Telecommute simply means to work from a remote location, usually a home office, by electronically linking to a company. For many, the word telecommute implies employment (though working off-site) because often companies don't allow non-employees access to their computer systems in order to telecommute.

However, the term telecommute can apply to off-site independent contractors, who are not employees. The word "telework" has become a popular synonym for telecommute because it puts the emphasis on the work (the benefit to the employer) rather than the elimination of the commute (the benefit to the employee).

Note: Using the words, telecommute or telecommuting as keywords when searching for a job online has its pros and cons. For more on these words in search engines, see Keywords for Finding a Job Online.

Always clarify with a potential employer whether you would work as telecommuting employee or an independent contractor.

Also Known As: Telework, tele-work, remote work, work from home, work at home, e-commuting, e-work
Alternate Spellings: Tele-commute
Common Misspellings: telecomute
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