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Homeshoring Definition


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The definition of homeshoring (also known as homesourcing), according to Dictionary.com, is "the transfer of service industry jobs to electronically connected home-based employees." So homeshoring is essentially turning office jobs into work at home jobs

The term homeshoring is patterned off the word offshoring, which is defined as "the practice of moving business processes or services to another country, esp. overseas, to reduce costs." But homeshoring is different from offshoring because in homeshoring the home-based jobs are typically done within the country where the employer operates.

Homeshoring may or may not involve outsourcing, which is contracting for work to be done by a third party outside the company. If a company employs its own home-based workers, then homeshoring is not outsourcing.

Also Known As: Homesourcing
Alternate Spellings: home-shoring, home shoring
A company that uses U.S. home-based call center agents to take calls from within the U.S. is homeshoring. However, if the same U.S.-based company hired call center agents in India to take calls from U.S. customers, that would be offshoring.
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