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No one likes taxes. But for some of us, more than others, taxes can be a real headache. When you work from home home, tax issues--such as home office deductions or self-employment taxes--can further complicate your tax return. Use these resources to make tax time go more smoothly.
  1. Home Office Tax Deduction Information
  2. Self-Employment Tax Issues
  3. Useful Tax Forms for WAHMs

Home Office Tax Deduction Information

Home Office Ideas

When you work at home, taking a home office deduction can be a significant savings on your income taxes. But is it always wise to take it? And what qualifies as a home office? Browse these resources as you decided if you should take a home office deduction.

Self-Employment Tax Issues

Schedule C

When you work for yourself, you have special tax issues that don't affect employees. These resources can help answer your tax questions.

Useful Tax Forms for WAHMs


Find explanations, instructions and links for all of these tax forms often needed by telecommuters and home business owners.

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