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Estimated Tax Payment Schedule

Below is the estimated tax schedule for 2014.


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If you pay quarterly estimated tax, you usually make your first three payments on the 15th of every third month starting with April. However, if any of those estimated tax payment days fall on a weekend the IRS changes the schedule.

For the last payment of the year you get a little extra time. Instead of being due December 15, it is due January 15. Again if it falls on a weekend or holiday there is a little extra time

This is the estimated tax schedule for tax year 2014. The last payment for estimated tax for 2014 is due on January 15, 2014.

1st installment April 15, 2014
2nd installment June 16, 2014
3rd installment Sept. 15, 2014
4th installment January 15, 2015

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